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Franklin Zoo (For everyone looking for Soundgarden pt 2)


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Franklin Zoo-for the love of Pete, an homage to Soundgarden is an understatement as these kids are an exact knockoff.




These earlier vidoes have them melding a bit more STP and Pearl Jam/Temple of the Dog with their SG...











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And why would anybody be interested in anything that resembles Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Temple Of The Dog, or Soundgarden?


Music was dead to me when all that garbage came out.

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I thought (and hoped) this thread might be a grasp at straws on this forum. I was interested to see the replies, but will noose myself before I even bother to hear the songs. ;) Yeah, I know I am critical of people who prejudge stuff without hearing it, but honestly, this thread may as well have said; "It sounds a little bit like a dying cat mixed with a slaughtered dog and a crying baby."

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I wasn't figuring on a champagne reception or anything but there are plenty who dig that grungified hard rock that blanketed the airwaves in the early 90's.


I thought it interesting while trolling YouTube that there was a new UK band emulating Seattle grunge bands.

Mother Love Bone was always my fave from that ilk but no one is copying them...

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