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Any female-fronted bands like Saraya (raw-energy, hard-rocking)?

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99.9999999% of my music collection consists of bands with male vocalists.


However, the exception is Saraya, whom I really love because (to me) she has a real rock voice with expression, and the band have that raw energy and harder edged sound that you normally get with male-fronted bands.


Other female artists I'm familiar with (all from the same era) include Heart, Lita Ford, Vixen and Femme Fatale, but I've always found they offer a more "polished" Melodic Rock sound (including keyboards), which sounds great but still very slick and radio-friendly.


Can you recommend anything to me (from any era) that really comes to life and rocks with raw energy like this:


Saraya - Love Has Taken Its Toll

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Witness - their debut (and only) album pisses on Saraya.


[also features schon/Gillis/Pierce on a few of tracks....some killer solos]

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A couple of others worth a try [although these might be too polished] -


Robin Beck - Trouble of Nothin (1989)

Fiona - Squeeze (1990?)

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There are a ton of acceptable female fronted bands from back in the day and Dan's reference to the modern day and amazing Halestorm should be followed to the letter as they are truly phenom...


From days gone by: Lee Aaron, Warlock, Doro (after Warlock), Betsy and/or Bitch, plenty more I am blanking on I am certain.


Modern day bands that I have started threads on here: Kill For Eden is excellent and so are Ivory, there are some more odd ball ones I can not pull from the murcky depths of my wasted mind.

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Some others to check out; Femme Fatale, Princess Pang, Bad Romance, Toronto, Two of a Kind, Cell Mates, Smashed Gladys, Private Life, Vixen, Pleasure Bombs, Headpins (Darby Mills), Chrissy Steele, Phantom blue, Precious Metal. I don't have my ipod with me, but I can find more.

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Some others to check out; Femme Fatale, Princess Pang, Bad Romance, Toronto, Two of a Kind, Cell Mates, Smashed Gladys, Private Life, Vixen, Pleasure Bombs, Headpins (Darby Mills), Chrissy Steele, Phantom blue, Precious Metal. I don't have my ipod with me, but I can find more.

Oh yeah, Chrissy Steele, 'Magnet to Steele' was such an amazing album. Norweigian Rags we're cool as well.

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Quite a few good suggestions which I've noted down to research further.

A few comments off the top of my head...

The Halestorm video was pretty good, although perhaps a bit too modern sounding for my tastes, but it had the raw energy.

Doro Pesch (and Warlock), yes, I'd forgotten about them, obviously more metal than the hard-rock of Saraya, but I've watched a few videos on YouTube, and think I'll investigate further.

And Nubian Rose, I saw their video for "You Will Never Walk Alone" the other day on the MelodicRock.com news page, and really liked it. Not really the style of this thread, but lovely colourful video and great song. I did look a bit further into them, but another video of theirs was more Metal and I didn't really like it (just because it didn't sound like this one, lol). When I get round to it, I'll check out samples of the whole album, in case this good song was just a one-off.

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Can't pull the name from the depths of memory but wasn't there a female fronted christian rock band called Warrior or Guardian or some such thing, oh maybe it was Fighter that is right in line with that hard rock style...

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