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High-pitched screamers

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Having grown up in the era of 80's rock bands, I love the high-pitched singers like Mark Slaughter, Miljenko Matijevic (Steelheart), Midnight (Crimson Glory).

Is there anything in this style in today's Rock/Metal, or is it deemed a bit old-fashioned nowadays?

I realise there's quite a few more recent singers in the higher register, usually prog metal acts such James LaBrie (Dream Theater), Vanden Plas or Sylvan, but I don't really consider them screamers, and they don't really seem to reach the really high notes like the aforementioned ones did.

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If you haven't already you need to get into power/speed metal.


What he said ... some of those guys can hit insane notes ...

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I'm not really that familiar with much of today's Power Metal, there's so many of them around that it's too much to follow, particularly when they start sounding a bit samey (neo-classical widdly-widdly). So the only ones I've got are bands that I got into years ago, such as Savatage, Vicious Rumors, Symphony X, Kamelot, Circle II Circle, Tad Morose, DGM, Nocturnal Rites, Thunderstone, Rhapsody Of Fire.

However, looking at my collection, the following qualify as Screamers:

-- Daniel Heiman (Lost Horizon)

-- Dirk Thurisch (Angel Dust)

-- Michele Luppi (Vision Divine, Killing Touch)

But they're still from quite a while back... Am I missing out on any more up-to-date stuff?

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Definitely try Ray Alder, Mark Boals and John West!








Tons of other examples also, but Gawd! I should have never posted these youtube videos above! Now I know what I'm going to listen to all day, after putting my last Ruinarts in the fridge! Allow me a maxim please: Fates Warning uber alles!

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Am I the only one who didn't care for this style? I preferred my '80s rock from guys who had more of a vocal range.


Sure, I liked bands like Motley Crue, Slaughter and Steelheart and the vocals were fine on the heavier tracks. But I cringe listening to songs like "Without You", "Fly to the Angels" or "Never Let You Go". Those guys had no business singing ballads.

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Am I the only one who didn't care for this style?


Definitely not. I love Slaughter and Steelheart, but if we're including stuff like Cinderella, Britney Fox and that style in this thread, I hated that style and it actually turned me of a few otherwise good bands.

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King Diamond

Michael Kiske


... okay, so neither one of them is a 'young gun' anymore, but they're still good :)

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You disappoint me Geoffrey. Those are my favorite kind of vocalists. I guess it's safe to say you don't like Circus either.


I love that Circus album. The 'Stay for the ride' one, you mean? Some great stuff on there, but he's not a screamer, is he? It's not that I instantly hate those albums, but 100% of the time I wish the vocalist didn't do the high pitched screams as I believe it'd be better, but as long as the songs are good this guy's still a fan. Just not as big a fan as I could have been...

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I'm actually referring to Circus- Coming For You. I believe it was released by Demon Doll. I should have been more specific. Lol


Haha, yeah, sorry mate, didn't think much of that one.


What about Helter Skelter - 'Welcome to the world of...' Does everyone else hate that one?

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