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Phone updates

Jacob M.

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Yesterday I didn't have anything better to do so I checked to see if there were any updates on my phone. After waiting 6+ months BlackBerry 10.3 finally arrived. It was a 1.1 gig update that forced me to tap into wifi.


After about an hour it appeared to be finishing. So I went to grab my phone and it was downloading a 1.6 gig update. Yeah, I couldn't go anywhere or do anything for a while. It threw my plans off for the day. It pretty much derailed them to be exact.

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Moved from iPhone 4s to Galaxy 5.

Best move I ever made.

Fuck iTunes and fuck not being able to drag documents onto an iPhone

For a while the back button was weird and scary, but after a couple of weeks I tried to use an iPhone again and freaked out because there was no back button lol

Only crappy thing is trying to get the charge lean into the phone, they kinda screwed that up and made it harder than they had to...

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