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    • I meant We as in real Christians.  You know nothing, you're just, well I don't hate you, but the way you try and act like you know everything a Christian does when you claim to be an atheist, a godless sad heap who doesn't want God's love and joy and only looks at Him as some fairytale who acts on what human beings say, is just not how I'm going to let you run it. I say what I say, you say what you say, you don't get to say what God does- and I'm not half wit, either. We're still friends but you can just shut up about what you think you can say about my Jesus. Got it? He's looking at you right now, I hope you know that. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ And as destitute as you are, He loves you so much. His love is as big as the sky and bigger. Is a big bang gonna love you? You know that's what you want. True love- and I wish you would believe in it. I suppose you've heard the story of Jesus on the cross before, but I want you to really think about it tonight. It was because of you and He absolutely loves you. I'm being very sincere when I say this. It probably sounds like a bunch of mush, but He does. You're his kid. My only hope and prayer is that you believe that He's your Father. (Emphasis on Your) 
    • I haven't even heard the audio!!!!  You guys talking is enough- and you all know how I feel about gays and if that's not at all what his movies are, then that's not my fault- no one would completely answer me  
    • Who is we?? you mean you? because that's exactly what the Mormons believe, and teach, and according to them, your the half wit that doesn't know anything about what your talking about, it's exactly how god works, and your not worthy of the rewards because you don't practice the right way, they do, understand? got it? Kapish? By the way, you've now officially offended me, Catholics, and Mormons, in the same league as Atheists, how much do you hate me? dear you clearly do not understand Atheism completely, we share absolutely zero, nothing in any way shape or form in the views of God, we are not even in the same ballpark for anyone to make a comparison to those Jabronis, Atheists believe in nothing, that is absolutely nothing, so there is nothing there to make comparisons to, it's an oxi moron, a double negative, you can not compare Atheists to any form of religion, Christianity, Muslims, Hindu, budism, anything tied to any form of higher power or deity, of any kind, cause anything in that category, is the exact opposite of what Atheists believe, we believe in nothing, which is why I have no problem settling arguments or fights with believers, because there's nothing for me to prove, you cannot prove a negative, I don't have to prove something I don't believe exists, nor do I have to respond to that argument being flipped back the other way for the sake of people not being able to win their argument with me, as in, well you cant prove he doesn't exist, I know I cant, and I don't have to, because I don't believe he does, so why would I prove he doesn't, duh! so FYI, you really didn't offend me, you made me chuckle, I was just typing that for aesthetic reasons, nor can you offend me, so don't ever feel that you have to censor yourself, I'm more worried about me hurting your feelings, cause sometimes I just gotta say whats on my mind, and whoever s in the way, hopefully has thick skin, cause I really don't think out shit before it comes out, except for bagging on fine High quality production gay porn, from the God Damn Studios, and directed by the legendary gay porn tycoon, from down under Mr G-Off! go to his website and browse around, your guaranteed to at least feel a wrinkle, but you'll probably more then likely leave his site signed up for a platinum membership, and a year full of pure top notch man on man action, so drop in.
    • OK now we have problems, "trash"? hardly, maybe Trashy, but never trash, the "way they sound" let me get this straight, you've only heard the audio off his movies? that's extremely odd and I don't think enough to make a determination of "trash" critiquing his movies, the focal point is certainly not the sound, or the audio, that's actually the last thing worried about, hell he's done a few without any sound, like Deaf Leppards, and the classic throwback to the 1920s silent flicks, entitled Read The Screen, Take The Cream, his movies have outstanding angle work, the lighting is top notch, and I don't know where he comes up with some of the talent, but I know those guys are definitely not average, you get every penny worth, and every inch worth, this African American dude that's in alot of his movies, Black Angus, I mean I don't envy anyone who has to perform with that guy, they probably have to have a nurse or a stitch kit directly on set when he's working, im talking on the edge of a deformity, so G-Offs flix are very tasteful, at least on the set, high production, extra mile, absolutely no and I mean NO! useless dialogue, or story lines, just straight action from opening to closing credits, and that's what the people want, and most important of all, never ever ever ever, EVER! any females on the cast, as extras, never discussed, nor hinted at, it's 100% hot man on man action, that's why he's the G-Off, and gets the awards,
    • You confuse me, leykis, 100%. I would like you to explain EXACTLY what you believe, atheists don't pray, atheists believe what AlphaMale said. Unless you're joking- but I'm sorry but joking is going to have to stop for a little while if I'm ever supposed to understand what you believe. 
    • No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no   Prayer is Not like that and God doesn't only work when a prayer is said that would mean that we govern Him which is the absolute complete opposite!  No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no Oh dear, oh dear- Catholics, Mormons they're all just in the same horrid lump of people as atheists- just as godless and messed up. This makes me so, so, so disappointed. Not in you- I don't blame you for thinking that about God when you think of Him in that way. We pray, but that doesn't mean God is going to answer how we want, or how we think it should happen or when or where or why or what- it's difficult to understand, but please please, prayer, Jesus, none of it is as twisted as that. 
    • Your joking on this right? you don't truly believe this do you? if you do your just a fucking mutt, with the IQ of a small barn yard animal, It's astounding someone could actually believe this bullshit, I mean Ive met some unintelligent morons in my life, but to believe they just put our bodies underground for the worms, that's the stuff of sci fiction, your in some serious need of counseling, I hope you get it, and figure the truth out, before your soul is ripped from your body, which we have all witnessed in our life, someones soul being torn out, and then sent to burn in hell, cause your certainly not worthy of heaven, primarily cause they don't let dumb people in, I will pray for your soul young man, but only the heavenly father can produce miracles, and that's what you need, if you are at all interested in saving your soul, cause think of how agonizing it will be, just think back to the last soul you witnessed being torn out, and the way you felt witnessing it, wasn't very pleasurable was it?
    • I was wrong. It's Steve's version.
    • That's why I plan to take a while- to study on it. Dig into it. You know, and don't worry about the language. Believe me, if God doesn't think I'm ready for this He wouldn't've sent it my way, and don't worry. I know what atheists believe, for a majority, and I'll dig and dig and dig. 
    • No, no, I just think Geoff tries to down everything I say. Plus his flicks are plain--- trash if you ask me from the way they sound, no resentment, you guys do realize how silly you are with these movies right? 
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