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Supremacy (Colombia) - Leaders


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Fuck it. I'm getting this one right...




From FB:

The pioneer Melodic Hard Rock sensation from South America teams up with producer Alessandro Del Vecchio and top musicians Nigel Bailey (Three Lions), Jakob Samuel (The Poodles) and Robert Sall (Work Of Art).
• Their superb new album “Leaders” is coming out on July of 2015
• The first single On My Way Featuring the vocals of Nigel Bailey will be out on May 19.



- Harold Waller: Lead vocals
- Paul Reÿna: Bass, vocals
- Danny Acosta: Guitar, vocals
- Paulo Cuevas: Keyboards, Lead vocals
- GG Andreas: Drum


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I do like that. Quite nice indeed. Are those dudes wearing make-up? Very 80's looking promo shot there. The guy in the middle looks like the lead singer from Bang Gang. Anyway, good stuff.

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Oh wow, what a shame. I love the song, but by christ, you need the lyrics on the screen to understand what the hell the dude is singing. That's a bad singer and some sketchy lyrics obviously written by someone who's first language is not English. Real shame, because otherwise I really, really like the song. I'd still check this out based on the strength of it, in fact.

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Most frustrating release of the year so far. Musically, there is some great stuff here. I really like a lot of the music tracks, but holy shit, the vocals are a complete train wreck. Just stupidly bad. As in one of the worst I've ever heard. 99% of the album, you just have no idea what the guy is saying, but then during that 1% period where you can understand what he's saying, you're all like 'Wtf? What is this dude going on about??'


There seriously is only about 20 audible English words on the CD, but so few of the sentences actually make any sense. I don't understand how the band attracted the "big" names Stefan mentions above (in the press release) with such a poor vocalist and terrible song writing. One of the real shames of the year. Missed opportunity.

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