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    • he wouldn't have written it, would he?? lol??
    • single no2 - I love this. Huge Mr Mister vibe with a Raised on Radio styled solo. Can't wait for album    
    • I'm cool enough to admit that Lebrock blew it out of the park. Excellent album and depending on my mood could easily be no 1 for me. A great year all said and done 
    • Mate, to be completely honest, this was the laziest list I've ever done. I usually re-rate my entire top 50 in the last few weeks of the year in question, but I didn't re-rate anything this year... just left it as it all was. I did re-rate 'Allow' on the Levara disc last night, after I did this, and it pushed it up a few spots, but I do personally prefer Midnite City (I still love what they're doing) and I really liked the new Maverick one too. I won't say my list is a 100% accurate interpretation of the year, but I was content enough with it and don't think re-rating it all would make any significant changes, to be fair. I'm cool with it, and very cool with people not to be cool with it.  
    • Definitely not going to say I told you so because that's not how I roll, but we (Australians) did mention many pages aback that people don't understand how incredibly moronic it is over here, and that there is still no sign, whatsoever, after 95% of the population is vaccinated, that the idiocy will ever end. I can see absolutely 0 desire for the media, government and masses to "learn to live with it," like we were told we were going to need to do a couple of years ago.  I remember saying how the restrictions got so amazingly stupid and harsh, that when they remove a couple of them it's going to appear, to the brainwashed, that we're being given some sense of freedom back. And yes, maybe something like 25% of the restrictions have been removed? I don't know, it's hard to quantify precisely, but the big ones like lockdowns and mandatory outdoor mask wearing have been removed, but for the most part, I reckon about 75% of the restrictions still remain. It's just not as obvious, three years into the fuckery.  Yeah, I just don't know. Like I alluded to above, I just wish I understood the bigger picture. Obviously there is good money in this for certain groups and they are no doubt pushing for it all to be as prolonged as possible, but that can't be all this is all about, can it? Or, generally speaking, are the participants in this prolonged covid misery really as stupid as they appear? 
    • Time for another hint I guess. Think about the bands that were in the mainstream when I was growing up.. the hard rock bands on the U.S. airwaves of the 1980s and early 1990s. AC/DC Dokken Warrant Winger Motley Crue Poison Cinderella Bon Jovi Scorpions KISS Styx Foreigner Journey Great White Foreigner   Different styles, to be sure, but sounds that we now identify as "classic". There was no power metal or synthwave or what we now call "modern hard rock". Straight ahead melodic/hard rock, hair bands, arena rock (use whatever term you like). I'm not saying that it is a well known band or band that released material back then, but the sound we're looking for is at the core of this site, not some off-the-wall or fringe sound. It's apparently an album that no one else listened to last year, and it boggles the mind...
    • Nope. And Nope. And nope. I picked Hardline awhile back and no way it's Sunstorm imo.
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