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Carousel Vertigo - Mighty


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A 2013 release.

From FB:

Carousel Vertigo are the real deal; a vital, dual lead guitar-driven hard rock band, over-flowing with heartfelt, instinctive blues-laden rock ‘n’ roll that will blow the mind of every genuine music fan. The band’s monumental debut album, ‘MIGHTY’ (released on October 28th on Molano Music) oozes melody and downright organic songwriting talent.

Carousel Vertigo combine the most thrilling elements of 70s rock bands like Humble Pie, Cheap Trick, Grand Funk Railroad, Free, early Aerosmith and Bon Scott-era AC/DC, and rework these influences to create stunning, classy and original rock n’ roll that grips the listener from the very first hearing and simply refuses to let go. Meanwhile, the band’s rocked-up take on Leon Russell’s oft-covered blues jewel ‘Help Me Through The Day’ re-maps the song both musically and vocally.

Carousel Vertigo formed in Spring, 2009, when two Gibson Guitars-endorsed virtuoso guitarists jammed together on stage for the first time at a music trade event in Paris. American francophone Jansen Press, who had been relocated to France from Nashville in 2008 by Gibson Guitars, and Gibson France-endorsed Parisian native Vincent Martinez were asked to jam on Bose’s empty soundstage. Jansen suggested to Vincent ‘Hey, let’s do your music’ and, by the end of the first song, an audience of more than 250 had gathered, so knocked out by the obvious musical synergy binding them and their guitars together that many asked ‘Are you guys in a band or something…? If not, you should start one’.

Thus Vincent – also a powerful, expressive vocalist – and New Jersey native Jansen joined forces as Carousel Vertigo, mutually motivated to make the kind of music which inspired them to pick up and learn to play a guitar in the first place. ‘It’s pretty cool that I am able to create the music that touched me in my innocence as an eight-year-old musician and rock fan,” states Jansen.

The business partner of Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt subsequently spotted Jansen and Vincent jamming on the stage of a Gibson clinic at Music Live in Birmingham, and arranged for Carousel Vertigo to play as Special Guests on Quo’s ‘Pictures Exposed’ (2009-2010) and ‘Quid Pro Quo’ (2012) tours. “Opening for rock legends Status Quo was a bit daunting. Their fans know what rock’n’roll is, and they are quite a discerning bunch,” says Press, “but after every show they would come over to our booth to buy our T-shirts and music, saying that we were the best support act they had ever seen with Quo. We strive to bring that type of impact to every performance we play.”

While on the road with Quo, Carousel Vertigo began writing and road-testing the distinctive, gloriously guitar-driven gems of classic hard rock-oriented songs on ‘MIGHTY’, one of which, ‘3rd Degree’, was co-written by Status Quo bassman John ‘Rhino’ Edwards. Recorded in Paris, ‘MIGHTY’ was then mixed in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, by Keith Rose (Aerosmith, Coverdale/Page).

Prepare yourself to be knocked out by the sheer sonic impact of hearing these two brilliant fret masters mesh their different yet complementary playing styles to create a unique, incendiary blend of rocked out rhythms and sublime, scorching solos, most recently unleashed during a recent triumphant opening slot for George Thorogood & The Destroyers.

Vincent Martinez: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jansen Press: Guitar, Vocals
Olivier Brossard: Bass, Vocals
Jimmy Montout: Drums, Vocals




Mighty Good Woman

I'm a Coming World

Long Highway

I'm Your Man

3rd Degree

Dog for a Bone

Help Me Through the Day

Better Be Wanting Me

Howl at the Moon

Last Call for Love







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Well that's a new low in band names. I'm guessing that's part of the reason no one noticed this release in 2013. It's a bit bluesy for me, but I guess I can see this would appeal to some. Just not me.

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