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Lords of the Trident - Frostburn


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Cheesy image, lyrics, subject matter, and video, but I dig the music. Origin as a "dorm band" is kinda cool. The dorm bands when I was in college absolutely SUCKED.






Ty Christian - Fang Von Wrathenstein (vocals)

Akira Shimada - Asian Metal (guitars)

Elliot Ignasiak - Killius Maximus (guitars)

Brent Clark - Pontifex Mortis (bass)

Joe Scarpelli III - Dr. Dante Vitus (drums)


LORDS OF THE TRIDENT started out as a recording project in the University of Wisconsin Madison dorm rooms around 2005. Roommates Ty Christian (Fang VonWrathenstein) & Akira Shimada (Asian Metal) teamed up with a mutual friend, Brian Cole (The Socrates of Shred), to create recordings to post on facebook. Originally, they had planned to keep the band a recording-only project, but in the summer of 2008, Ty's other band broke up and Ty, Brian, and Aki decided to play a few shows over the summer as the LORDS OF THE TRIDENT. Ty had the idea to make the show a spectacle, with costumes, stage names, and pyrotechnics. They found a drummer, Dan Metzker (Danalog) and bassist, Mike Charlton (Captain Bloodbeard), and set up a few shows around the area. Dan was fired from the band after a few shows, and was replaced with Corey Larson (Korgoth).




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