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Santa Cruz - s/t

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Guest Footstomp

Do not have the energy to read through this whole thread, but Santa Cruz - s / t kicks ass! I've listened to it countless times ... still awesome. Is from Sweden and loves band Hardcore Superstar and crash diet, but when it comes to sleaze, Finland is the new Sweden.

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Is this the next single, and if so, why? I love the album, but imo this is certainly not one of the better songs on there. One of the weakest, imo.



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Turned out LOVING this disc! Constantly in my shuffle of recent cd's. A lot of f bombs for sure but they work especially if you have it in a rotation of other discs.


Let Them Burn is a killer track and makes sense to me as a single.

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I really like the disc. Possibly a bit drawn out towards the end.
Yeah a bit of early unwarranted swearing (only really during the first 3-or-so songs from memory).
But they have forged their own sound, their own brand of modern sleaze.
Remember when Shotgun Messiah did Violent New Breed? Not to that extent,... but something different.

While i loved the earlier releases, I also though people talked them up a bit too much, so maybe people had excessive expectations of this one?

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