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Eclipse - Armageddonize


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Nah, I already bought 5 copies of the vinyl.



Investment! :tumbsup:

Just a tip, mate. No one buys physical versions of music anymore. ;)

I do and I love it. Hey, you wouldn't have got that Harlot track if I didn't buy CDs ;)

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Fantastic if you ask me!


I had read an interview with Erik saying this song was originally recorded with Ronnie Atkins for the Nordic Union album but they held it back and re-recorded for Eclipse to use for this contest. I think he had said the original song was quite a bit longer and they had to cut it down because 3:00 is the limit for the show. My only complaint would be that it is kinda short....Wish they would've put the longer version on the Armageddonize Deluxe album.


Still good though and definitely does fit with the style and sound on Armageddonize.

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