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Is eBay seller 'melodicmetalhead' on here?

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It's a weird the dealer:"melodicmetalhead"!

Seller asked 21 dollars in postage for 1 cd, and when I asked him that it would be much cheaper if USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL service to send the CD, then the date of purchase within' 48 hours have already set up a Dispute is that the "unpaid item", and thus I had to pay double the amount of postage.

Internation FIRST CLASS MAIL cost usually/ 1 cd: Is around $10

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so then how can some US mail order companies sell some new / current cds for $12-13 shipped? (eg I order the Corabi unplugged cd for about $US12 shipped)



If you are a seller on E Bay, shipping internationally, you must ship with tracking, door to door inorder to be covered by the ripoff buyers. Unfortunately, they require the sellers to provide the tracking to be covered.....You have to pay the big bucks for tracking.


When you order from a US mail order company, they send your CD after you pay up.....no tracking. Want to file a claim.....deal with the US mail order company, not PAYPAL or E BAY.....


I've been ripped off numerous times selling on E Bay (thankfully, not from my regular group of buyers who are great guys and gals).

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Yeah, that's what absolutely c*nts me about ebay. I only sold a small handful of discs in the last few months but in that batch I had two motherf*cker poofter c*nts rip me off, for the first time ever, and I assume it's just because of how easy ebay makes it for a c*nt to be a c*nt if they want to be.


I'm only selling shitty CDs for shitty money, so I'd be a moron to pay for tracking, and if I tried to suggest tracking in my auctions I'd get even less bidders that I already do now (meaning I'd get 1 bid for every 200 auctions instead of the 1 bid for every 100 auctions I currently get).


But yeah, I had these two poofters out of the blue, when I could no longer leave feedback, say that they didn't receive their items - first time it's ever happened in over 15 years of selling on ebay. I am 100% certain that the CDs reached their destination, as they always have and always do. But without any tracking, the c*nts at ebay gleefully stole what shitty money I had made from the sales from my paypal acount without a second's hesitation, and refunded the c*nts.


I understand this is how it's got to go, but I seriously hope those two c*nts who scammed me for my $2 CDs die the most miserable and painful deaths imaginable. Haha! But yeah, I'm dead serious. ;) Fuck I hate ebay...

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Just as a singular data point, I sent off a single CD to Germany yesterday. The package was 5 ounces in weight. I charged $14 shipping. Subtracting $1.26 eBay fee just on the shipping portion, and $0.41 Paypal fee just on the shipping (I allocated the base $0.30 payment fee to the CD itself) leaves $12.33. After bulk eBay discount, the USPS out-of-pocket shipping cost was $11.49, leaving $0.84 for packing materials, labels, and insurance.


After insurance, I effectively lost money on the shipping costs.


So if the international shipping costs from the U.S. seem outrageous... they are. But this seller isn't getting rich on them by any means...

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Yeah I was keeping my shipping costs down to bare minimum to try and keep my auctions worth looking at. It costs $6.45 to ship a CD to most places from Australia and I was charging $7.50 - which I already strongly, 100% believe turns off 99% of potential bidders these days anyway - which meant that after purchasing the envelope and deducting the ebay fees, I was losing out on every single transaction too.


Even when I recycle my envelopes as often as I can, minus the fees alone I was losing out. Sadly, the allure of using ebay to sell CDs is completely gone. I just wish I'd sold everything I didn't love 10 years ago. Back when I could still post CDs for less than $5 internationally, and people still actually wanted CDs! :lol:

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well said Dan.....Most of you guys are looking at shipping strictly from the buyers perspective...try selling cd's for a while..and see what you think...now from your country perhaps $7 fees are possible for registered....not in the U.S......the absolute cheapest I can send a cd anywhere but in the states is $12.95 1st class......that doesn't come with tracking...a person used to could use the customs label as tracking but the u.s. postal service has changed the online ability to use this...you can still call in or go to your post office and get it tracked that way...but the buyer tries it and says the tracking "looks funny" and files a claim....happened to me tons lately and I am sick of it...so now anything over $50 goes registered...the buyer can check it out throughout the journey.....and registered costs $25-$28 depending on where you send it..($12.95 for the 1st class shipping and $13.00 for the registered fee = $25.95) have had it end up a bit more though....I get criticized for my shipping all the time..but it isn't mine...its the rate the postal service charges...I have basically eaten the extra dollar or two and listed my registered shipping as $25...alot of my stuff sells for $100 or more and I can't afford to risk the loss anymore...I agree it makes no sense to pay that for shipping for BON JOVI'S GREATEST HITS....but for some of the stuff I sell..there is just no other way to do it...so many buyers are claiming things arent arriving....then file a claim..then they arrive...I had one arrive in austria 40 days after I mailed it....40 days! luckily the buyer was very patient and talked to me about it....as I was about to mail him a relacement cd it arrived...anyway...I am getting off track..the point is If the US postal service would only charge $5 to ship anywhere then that is what I would do...I do take into account how much the buyer paid for a cd and will ship regular 1st class if its not a lot...I had a buyer pay $1.13 for a cd last weekend on my auctions...shipping was still $12.95...i asked him if he even wanted to bother with the cd..but he still wanted it...so off it went...

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I still cant justify spending $20+ on shipping for a $5 cd. No matter how you explain it too me.

Ebay need to implement and option where buyers can either opt in or opt out of registration/insurance and thereby take on the risk themselves.

I'm not gonna worry about insurance for a $5 disc, but I would for a $50+ disc.

The solution is so simple, but reducing shipping costs reduces ebays slice of the pie.

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Never gunna happen. As long as eBay and PayPal place 100% of all liability on the SELLER in all transactions, sellers have no choice but to track and insure or leave themselves completely vulnerable to scammers.

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