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    • To use a car analogy: We didn't go 0-60 with this vaccine. It was more like 30-60 A big difference. Anyone over the age of 50 shouldn't be using the long term excuse as to not getting the vax
    • That had to cost a pretty penny.
    • You got me by .8 k right now
    • That belongs in the Jokavic thread not the Joke Rogan one !
    • When you get right down to it...we are all selfish assholes, wanting everything our way and to hell with what others say or want...
    • I guess it depends on your definition of 'best' as most people around the world can't afford the best of anything....only the rich can expect and demand the best....
    • Cheap Trick - The Complete Epic Albums Collection - Boxset - (glad this has been re-released, missed it 1st time around for whatever reason quite a bit cheaper on Burning Shed than Amazon too).
    • I'd probably say you're fairly right with the quality of medical proceedures in the US, but not all. Some are leading the way in other countries in some area, including Australia. Ironically people source some of these proceedures overseas because there are less strimgent oversights involved (see debate on covid testing) But I'd say if you talk to make US citizens, they wouldn't agree that US health care overall is a good thing. Many would say it suits the rich. As to us an elective surgeries, well, people love to complain about that, but they are elective, they key there is in the wording. Anything serious enough is dealt with as a metter of urgency, and if you have NO public health insurance, it's free. Private health insurance only covers part of the cost, with the main benefit being more choice (surgeon etc)
    • Well you don't fall into that category. You're more like "I wanna make a stance, but this virus could make me pretty sick, oh, hang on, I can just say I need the jab to keep my job" Only joking, I have no idea as to your reason, but I'm sure there are people in here who play that line out...
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