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    • Why is it serious, now? No disrespect to the officers who lost their lives in this, but why is it only serious now? And, yeah, it is difficult to separate the peaceful protesters from the "thugs." Especially when some of those "thugs" are wearing a badge. That's the whole point. 
    • Just thought I'd bump this after starting to see some positive reviews and knowing that the band has started sending out pre-orders early. Couple reviews: https://hubpages.com/entertainment/Wicked-Smile-Delirium-EP http://lifemusicmedia.com/ep-review-wicked-smile-delirium/?fbclid=IwAR3gsUF7TFpSGcrpmfrq_uqGEs2VNcSbBrwAvggCQ21gKDULyF03Xg8kHsk Looking forward to getting this one as I've really dug the first two songs.   Reminds me of 80's era Judas Priest mixed with Skid Row or something.  I'm generally not huge into "heavy metal" and honestly don't even visit that part of the forum frequently lol.  But I always dug Turbo era Judas Priest as they got more melodic then.  And of course loved Skid Row's debut.  And that where I see this fitting in....sorta heavy metal vibe but still melodic with hooks.       I don't think I've ever had an EP in my top 10 year end list but I see that changing this year with Shriaz Lane's Vibration and this release.  Hopefully a full album isn't too far off 
    • Your second amendment is there to ensure the people have weapons available to defend themselves against the government having learned from the days when we ruled you that sometimes those in power aren't the good guys.  I'm curious. At what point would it be OK for 'the people' to be rise against the government?  When I was at School our English teacher spent a lesson on the Irish troubles.  This is back in the day when there was a real threat at any time of a Bomb planted by the IRA blowing you up. He came from the Irish point of view as he had relatives on the Republican side. Was a really difficult conversation but enlightening.  Perhaps think why all these people are so upset.   
    • the UK and the US prob had the worst and slowest reaction to the pandemic. Sad but true.  Now trump has cut funding to WHO which is ridiculous. 
    • most news channels.  but it's pretty easy to see that the situation is bad. multiple instances of peaceful protests being run down.  not good  & Trump tweeting 'get tough police' today is not helping bearing in mind what led to this. 
    • No he's a blowhard, his own party is constantly telling him to shut it, but tell me this, how do you separate the peaceful protesters from the thugs? they blend in with the thugs, tonight a 2 cops were killed, now the shits serious, common sense says anyone who is truly there to protest will abide by the curfew laws, and leave, and that's what happened in Atlanta, but it's nothing to do with Trump, he kept his mouth shut for the most part, now that police are being targeted, watch, it's going to get rough, but the police are racist if they defend themselves, Trump has kept it entertaining, because the media is always trying to set him up, I'm not even a republican, I'm a libertarian, but I do not like where the left is trying to take things, I wouldn't say Trump is a conservative, he's a business man, not a politician, the sad thing is, he's done a lot for the black community, I can give you examples if you care, they just don't want it, cause it would mean work, and Sambora, how do you react to a pandemic? don't know if there's a guide for that, I think he did good, he just as you said, needs to stop shooting his mouth off, but the circus is to entertaining.
    • you know Glen, i don't know where your at, I mean what country, so I'm not sure what news feed you get, the American media, News, Entertainment, music, etc. are extremely slanted, sometimes it's almost nauseating, and they are the fuel behind whats going on, they pick and choose what to report, this stems from their ownership, their really isn't a truly non biased news outlet I can think of in the US anymore, this is truly why Trump calls it fake news, because they no longer even try to hide the fact that its so biased, in truth it's not so much fake, as it is extremely biased, it's a very deep and long story but if you need examples it's completely easy to give you many examples of what im talking about, they report 1 side of issues, and take things so out of context it should be illegal.
    • I like about 5 songs from this release but I’m happy with the final band versions - No desire to check out the ADV demos. 
    • I’ve seen reviews and people on social media rating this very highly - I must be missing something? Weak songs and that production is dire, don’t understand how it’s even been signed off. 
    • Nothing amazing but not bad either. Nice voice and guitar solo
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