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We are a Christian hard-rock band that is just getting started. Currently we are having a hard time agreeing on a name!


The music we play is very close in sound to Skillet's heavier material! How ever, we are a female fronted band. Our sound is also comparable to that of bands like Fireflight, Thousand Foot Krutch or Flyleaf!


The names we are looking at right now are:

- "Son Reigning"

- "Unchained"

- "Shadow of Thy Wings"

- "Carbonide"



For a Christian band of our musical style of hard-rock / Metal, which of these names would be the best?




We would love to hear your thoughts on this question! We truly appreciate any feedback!



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I hate to be "that guy" but since you asked...these were my initial impressions of each...


- "Son Reigning"


Seriously?? That's just... yuck.


- "Shadow of Thy Wings"


For Christian rock... nope. Sounds more like a bad Scandinavian black metal band.




Is that even a real word?




If you were a Van Halen cover band, this might work. Otherwise, no.

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None of those names work for me...I guess it comes down to whether you want people to know right away from your name that you are a Christian band...if so then something like Heaven Unchained works...if not which seems to be the direction newer Christian bands are going then just about anything will work that has meaning to you...

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  • My Little Pony

For a FF band, Son Reigning sounds too masculine. I always liked the idea of Land of the Risen Son.

Unfortunately, I'm with the boys, and am not a fan of those choices. How about Unfettered? It means the same thing as Unchained - fetters being shackles around one's ankles - and it sounds more appropriate for a FF group.

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