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    • https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/original-bulletboys-lineup-to-perform-at-kentuckys-80s-rock-the-dam-fest/ Original BULLETBOYS Lineup To Perform At Kentucky's '80S ROCK THE DAM FEST December 11, 2019 The original lineup of BULLETBOYS — presumably consisting of Marq Torien (vocals), Mick Sweda (guitar), Jimmy D'Anda (drums) and Lonnie Vencent (bass) — is being advertised as one of the performers at the third annual '80s Rock The Dam Fest, set to take place July 25, 2020 at Beaver Dam Amphitheater in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. Also scheduled to appear at the event are headliners RATT and Lita Ford. Earlier today, Norway's Live Wire Booking & Management revealed that BULLETBOYS had canceled a number of shows between January and March 2020, including several dates in Norway and Denmark, because the band's most recent lineup — consisting of Torien on lead vocals and lead guitar, Nick Rozz on guitar, Chad MacDonald on bass and Anthony Tiny Biuso on drums — had broken up. This past September, vocalist Andrew Freeman, who had previously played with Sweda, D'Anda and Vencent in LIES, DECEIT & TREACHERY, stated in an interview with Metal Central that a reunion of the original BULLETBOYS lineup was in the works. The original BULLETBOYS lineup previously reunited for a one-night-only New Year's Eve weekend show on December 30, 2011 at Hollywood, California's Club Vodka at the legendary Key Club on the Sunset Strip. Marq later told Australian journalist Steve Mascord about the performance: "It was a wonderful, wonderful night — a magical night. It was for one night only, to get together for the fans right before the New Year." He added, "I love Jimmy and Mick and Lonnie — very much so. We're all like brothers; sometimes we're feuding, sometimes we're loving, sometimes we're not talking. But we made some amazing music together. And it was just a wonderful night, man. And hopefully we'll be able to come, at some point, to some resolve in the future to hopefully play some more shows. I know I'm open to it. I know I would love more than anything to continue on with it with my three other mates." BULLETBOYS was one of the prominent bands in the flourishing Hollywood metal scene during the late 1980s, with numerous smash hits such as "Smooth Up In Ya", "For The Love Of Money" and "Hang On St. Christopher" off the group's platinum-selling classic self-titled debut and follow-up, "Freakshow", dominating both MTV and radio airwaves. Torien image courtesy of YouTube user The Attitude
    • Pretty sure I acknowledged that my opinion on this is a lonely one. Don't you have a 13 year-old girl to go pick on?  Honestly, I think it's just the fact that I spent more time with Whitecross than Ratt during my formative years. It's not necessarily that I think Whitecross is superior to Ratt, just that I personally prefer them to Ratt. So this is one of those cases where you're probably technically right (that Ratt is the better band ... though Rex Carroll can go toe-to-toe with pretty much any '80s rock/metal guitarist out there) but that I just prefer the lesser band. Just remember, I'm the coolest Christian you've (n)ever met. Jesus loves you ... everyone else thinks you're an asshole. Especially Petra. 
    • Agree, top 10 for sure. Hurricane Now Or Never Heavily Broken Higher Again Ball And Chain Across The Ocean No More Love   Made it to my ipod.  
    • Geoff, I didn't think he was nearly as good as Freddy Mercury! I mean he's alright with the rim, but he let's up when it's time to get the old tongs out and give the salad a toss
    • No he won't. I'm borrowing it at the moment. 
    • That's a Cody level rant right there. 
    • Ok folks, I need to jump in and settle things down a bit. Petra, you don't get to dictate who should or should not respond to your posts just because you don't like their perspective. People are going to write things you don't like and disagree with... if you're going to survive on the Interwebz, you need to learn that it's frequently best to just ignore people you dislike or disagree with, rather than responding in kind or in a huff. That only escalates things as people see you are prone to being provoked. Geoff is a shit-stirrer (as are many others here), but a humorous and generally harmless one at that. He's a good dude. For all you know, some of his responses may be deliberately framed to goad you to a certain response, and congratulations!... he's succeeded. Please don't take people so literally, and if Geoff bugs you, just don't reply to him. After a while, he'll just get bored and go off and play with his Backstreet Boys doll collection.  -Dan
    • You're ridiculous, Geoff. I could laugh at you for an hour at how ridiculous you are. Seriously, MAN UP- you turn every post of mine into an argument, turn everything that's related to a Christian into something you can laugh at Christians for, and target select people to shoot at ALL THE TIME. And then you deny everything, saying that others are just 'overreacting,' or 'making a ridiculous point, ' or 'young.' And then you say "oh they're being mean to me! Dan, help me!" Like, shut up. Do you have any idea how ridiculous you are? You deserve NO RESPECT whatsoever, and you're probably gonna say that I'm doing one of the three overreacting, making a ridiculous point, or young. Or make up something else. And then once you see this post you'll either, ignore it, or comment with one of your stupid excuses, or say something not related to this and directed towards someone else, obviously to directly ignore it, even though I asked you to leave my thread. I once made a post about a guy on thepetrazone named brenthandy in the Flamefest. Geez he made me so upset all we did was argue. He never seemed to show himself nice or pleasant or anything to me ever. But it turns out he's a great guy, and we don't argue like we used to. Sorry that isn't how it is with you. And friends of Geoff,  you won't be able to convince me that he is nice and friendly and all these great things because that's like having me drink orange pop and trying to convince me it's orange juice. You're just a fake; living a fake 'good' life; being a fake smart nice guy. You can't ever make me feel like a fool or bring me down when you laugh at what you call religion anymore because I know that you're just as ridiculous & brain dead as your theory of how the world existed and as mean as your comments, as trash as the place you'll end up in, and anybody who feels intimated by you or anyone else like you needs to see just how much like Freddie Mercury you are. And we all know that isn't a complement coming from me! 
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