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    • Wow, where does one even go with all this? Remember back in the day when I used to work on a PC and would reply to everything all day? Haha, good times. Now a novel will follow, so for that I apologise. Just finished - sorry, it's really, really long. Anyway, never thought I'd end up here, having inane disagreements with a 13 year old on the interweb, but if someone can seriously pinpoint how I brought this upon myself, I'd love to know. I thought Petra and I were going okay and suddenly she's snapped and I'm apparently the cause of it. Who can help me out and tell me how or why it started?  Petra, can you assist? Everything seemed to be going okay until maybe the time when Cody lifted the lid on my acting career? Is that what tipped you over the edge? I know you hate gay people, but I can assure you I'm not gay. Yes, I have starred in upwards of 14,000 (it's been a busy fortnight, for those keeping count) male on male films, and like I said before, I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is gay... but I promise you I'm not. I find it so discriminatory that I shoot a few thousand man on man love films and suddenly everyone thinks I'm homosexual. It is a vile world in which we live.  Anyway, is that seriously it, Petra? Is that what tipped you over the edge, because I honestly can't see what else it would be... unless, like I suggested above, you took personal offence to the anti-religion comments I've been saying since I was born. I assume it's one of the two? But you said it wasn't the religion thing. But you could be lying, I guess? Tsk tsk.  I don't know why you're getting upset at me after legitimately answering your question in this thread. I mentioned my history with Whitecross and posted a list of my top 5 songs from theirs, which I thought was pretty cool. Then you said some comment I still don't understand about Cody, metal and 'Without your love' and then you lost it, even though I was just answering the question. I also mentioned I don't like Whiteheart (as have others in this thread) which is surely acceptable, isn't it? We can't all like every band, but it is what it is. No cause to fly off the handle, I'd have thought? I don't think I was rude or argumentative, but again, correct me if I'm wrong. Nor do I see how I have "not let up about you." All I'm doing is replying to posts directed at me.  And no, I've not been rude to Stefan that I know of. Stefan and I are friends from high school. We both went to different high school, in different countries and in different years. And only met each other over the internet via this website. But we go way back. I can't remember us ever being rude to each other.  As for being nice, I get told all the time I'm nice and it's actually something I kind of wish I wasn't. No issue with being nice, but I am probably a bit too much of a soft-cock, truth be told.  You should learn quickly not to tell me to leave a thread alone because I see that as an invitation. I'm not sure if we still have it, but Dan actually made an awesome smiley a few years ago which kind of relates to this issue I have.  This is immense. Contrary to the belief of some here, I genuinely don't think I've done anything to bait you (again, unless my comments on religion got you that riled up) but you obviously took offence to something.  To run through it kind of quickly; I haven't turned anything into an argument, again, unless you see my views on religion as a way to create an argument. But it doesn't normally create arguments, so perhaps that is just you being too overprotective of your lord and saviour jesus christ.  I don't know if I'm laughing at christians. I just repeatedly say how stupid I think christianity and all religions are. But I'm not really laughing as I say it. It baffles me far more than it amuses me that grown adults are into it. Or even 13 year olds. I asked Dan for help because you were being mean to me? Oh dear. You do know lying is a sin, or something, don't you? I'm going to have to ask you to direct me to exactly where and when I said this. You're not referring to my hilarious comment about asking Dan to sign over control of my account to you, are you? Perhaps you'd like to re-read that?  I do not deserve respect, nor have I ever said I do. Nor do I have it. Invalid point. Why are you overreacting, making a ridiculous point and being so young?  Anyway, I think the main point from all this that you need to concentrate on is Brenthandy, what happened in the 'I Hate Queen' thread (which I missed because it was all deleted before I saw it - sad face) and me. You say Brenthandy is a great guy, yet you were in heated arguments with him. I know the type of person I am, yet you are getting very worked up at me over nothing. And we saw what happened in the 'I Hate Queen' thread. There is a common denominator there, and it's not Brenthandy or me or the other posters in the 'I Hate Queen' thread.  I feel like this religion thing has made you very spiteful and hateful, at such a young age. I actually have two children who are not even that much younger than you, and I would be horrified if I found out they were being picked on by an adult on the interweb in a few years. It would cause me great anger. But, I would be even more disappointed if I found out that they were on the internet, creating stupid arguments with people over nothing. All your aggression has stemmed from a place I am still yet to figure out, and for your own sake, you should look into that. Like I said, I have two young kids and the last thing I'd plan to do is to go onto a website and start stupid arguments with a young kid. That's not how I roll. But how I do roll, is I reply to anything and everything that is directed at me. I am a biter from way back; both pillows, and internet posts.  I loved the line about me being fake. Loved it. Again, if you cared to explain it I'd love it, but you don't seem to do stuff like that.  And yes, you have certainly not made yourself look foolish, and I am the one that is brain dead. They are excellent points from a person of faith.  And you saved the best for last. I'm just like Freddie Mercury? Why the hell didn't you tell me that 20 years ago? The money he made sure would have come in handy if I could have replicated some of his success. Haha, thanks Dan. I thought you might scold me too, and I'm totally ready to wear it if someone can tell me how I incited this madness, but I'm pretty sure I've been sensible.  Anyway, thanks for the glowing assessment. You've earned yourself one of my special nude christmas cards this year. You're all getting one of my standard nude christmas cards this year, but you'll get a bonus special one. You won't believe what happens to that wreath.  Nah, Cody's are far more entertaining. I enjoyed Petra's - do not get me wrong - but it's missing a certain, Cody-ness.  How are you finding the dried up white stains all over them? It was so weird how they were there when I got them, I swear. Still can't figure out how they got in the sealed packets one second after they hit the shelves on their release date. Can always rely on you for quality... and truth. I'm working on it and I appreciate your hands-on guidance in the matter.  So in other words you're preferring Whitecross just to create an argument. You christians are all the same. I do agree about the guitar work, though. Dude could play. Just a shame he didn't play in a proper band. You are a pretty decent christian (for a christian) and if I'm being completely honest, I actually thought you might grow out of it one day. But it's still got you trapped, ay? Oh well, better luck in the next decade. I made up a really cool saying many years ago; so long ago now I've forgotten it. Honestly can't remember because I'm dumb as shit. But it was something along the lines of how religion contradicts an otherwise intelligent mind. And I often thought of you when I thought of my cool saying. If I'm honest, probably 90% of the religious people I've known in my life are just very unintelligent humans, and you can kind of see how/why it might happen. Just people looking for something that makes them feel a bit more enlightened than all those stupid non-believers. But every now and then you get someone like yourself who actually seems pretty level headed and definitely intelligent... yet you subscribe to this whole religion thing. It just blows my mind and is something I would love to have explained to me one day. But as they say in 2019, "you do you." I just hope you see the light one day. You creep.  lol. You're a harsh man, but like I kind of said above; I honestly don't think I've done anything to try and make her look foolish. That's seriously not what I'm about when it comes to 13 year old kids, but she's sure as hell done a pretty good job at making herself look this way.
    • The worst thing about that story is the fact that Dee Snider made such a big deal about it. They started airing just prior to his tour down here and I remember him being outraged and saying something along the lines of, "If my lawyers haven't sorted it out by the time I get there, then I'll sort it out personally". He came, he went and nothing. Could money have changed hands perhaps?   
    • Bingo!! https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/original-bulletboys-lineup-to-perform-at-kentuckys-80s-rock-the-dam-fest/
    • Lies, Deceit, & Treachery were awesome. If they can somehow resemble their classic albums, it could be good. Not sure Torien is capable though.
    • Yeah, there should be a community vote for best thread of the year. 
    • I'm about to give this a spin. Not expecting much.
    • Am loving this thread lol. Best thread of 2019.
    • Yeah, this isn't gonna be a show of shit. 
    • What about the Clive Palmer's ad to getting to Parliament ? Using Twisted Sister song, and say he had that song sounding a lot like is jingle.
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