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TRIPLE THREAT - We Ain't Here To Dance

Metal 4 Ever

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Has anyone that contributed got their cd yet. I got the notice a while back that they received the goal and cd's would be shippined in a few weeks. Haven't heard anything since.

I so know that delivery happens to everyone sometime in June!
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Guest Motor City Scott

Yo AOR and Heavy Harmonies...this is Scott, Drummer for the band Triple Threat. I just wanted to let everyone know that we really appreciate the support and the positive comments. We too are eager for the release of our material on CD...I am happy to share that we reached our Kick Starter goal, the art work is in final QA and we are expecting to be ready to ship product within the next three weeks, no later than end of June 2014.


We will also be posting the CD for sale on sites like CD Baby as well as for download from iTunes. Once I have more details on the final selling locations, I will share with the group.


I am currently living in Boston, MA USA and play locally in a cover band...Drop Zone. Find Triple Threat and Like Us on Facebook...you can also find me on FB https://www.facebook.com/MotorCityScott


Till Then...Keep On Motor City Rockin'!!

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  • My Little Pony

Well, my CD arrived the other day... actually, I got two. I don't recall ordering two, but I was sent two. Anybody want one of them?

I haven't had a chance to listen to it, yet. I'll let you know when I do.

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Well, my CD arrived the other day... actually, I got two. I don't recall ordering two, but I was sent two. Anybody want one of them?

I haven't had a chance to listen to it, yet. I'll let you know when I do.

Interestingly,they sent me 2 pieces, but only ordered one! I put one of them to ebay auction now!!

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    • I actually agree with you for the most part. Unvaccinated people should be able to take their chances if that is what they wish. The only problem I have and I have mentioned it before, is that even with only 10-15% of people in a country unvaccinated, that 15% will get covid and will fill the hospitals and bring the health care system to its knees which then seriously affects all the fully vaccinated people who have other health issues....so while I believe in freedom of choice, their freedom to remain unvaccinated does have detrimental effects on others....
    • Because a lot of people need a punching bag and a scapegoat...people like this:                    
    • I don't understand why most people seem to be pro discrimination against the unvaccinated. The only people they put at risk are themselves or other unvaccinated people. Over 90% of the population is double dosed now, but meanwhile society and lawmakers are busy shunning those who aren't, including making them lose their jobs. Is it a spite thing? Getting revenge on those who question? It sure seems like it to me. I'm double vaxxed by the way and pro-vax. But, I am also pro choice about health and medical care. Actually I'm pro choice on everything that doesn't cause harm to others. That includes people who'd rather get covid than vaccinate themselves. Everyone who has wanted a vaccine could have done so by now so let's get rid of all these restrictions on our freedoms. 
    • So I gave Marcello-Vestry a spin My first thought was that the first song, and a few others, have a Vito Bratta vibe to the guitar, Or even Robert Rodrigo vibe from Airless. Shame the songs are a bit too synthy for me. But only a bit, so I'll give it a few more tries. Were a couple of songs that grabbed me.
    • Nor I. Shame, with the talent involved. 
    • Yeah it's a reissue, didn't do much for me first time around.
    • Yeah, I must confess I have a lot of harsh vocals in my playlists. Namely the Secrets album from a few years back, which is one of my favourite albums in recent years. Even the last To The Rats & Wolves album, where this dude came from. I am actually a genuine fan of the post-hardcore genre, which features plenty of harsh vocals. But yeah, even for me, in this case, it's a bit too dominated by the harsh vocals, and the clean vocal pay-off - which like I said, is very cool, is not quite cool enough... for me.
    • I think this is a best of type of album with some bonus type stuff.
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