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Jewel Cases

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I have to use 2 way tape on most of my digipaks to keep the damn plastic cd holder attached....fucking cheap crap...

You have to really look after digipaks - i tend to burn a cdr copy for flinging around the car and house etc and just leave the 'pak' shelved. They are a pain in the arse.

Agreed, and you need to put a plastic sleeve around then to protect the exterior and spine.

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Half the discs ive bought this year are digipaks :-(

Sucks mate. At least they got rid of the awful ''Super Jewel Boxes'' that were produced around 2006 / 2007 everytime I walked into a store and towards the release I wanted as soon as I saw it was in one of thse ugly things I was like F...........!!

You've got to laugh ... I preferred those things to the standard ones. :D

What's wrong with you??? :D Just joking, I really didn't like how the booklet was being held by the sides and was harder to get out of those things (I know people complain about removing booklets from standard jewel cases but I got no issue with that) and how the back cover had two corners cut out, I mean why would they do that??

Good points, agree. But I thought they looked quite good and were a bit more sturdy than the standard ones.

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