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LOL-Oh brother....that piece of fucking excrement in the white house is the biggest fucking racist/racebaiter/cheater/liar/gun grabber/anti-constitutional prick that has ever sat in that office.Voted in twice by clueless college kids,reprobate feminist-slut-trash hoes,leeching minorities,white trash freeloaders,cocksucking union types etc..far right is the ONLY way to go.Do think anyone in the midwest or south are going to throw the lever for someone like Chris Christie??? Ha ha...gimme a break! That d'bag is considered a liberal democrat in the midwest....moderates are just another reason this country is going down period...oh and to the guy who mentioned 11 million...please try at least 20+ mil.

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let us not forget that obama is also in favor of the marketplace 'fairness' act (introduced by the Arkasnsas representative from Wal-mart's home office locale) which would allow every state to FORCE every business in every other state to become sales tax collectors even of they only have one location 3000 miles away. i have never been audited as a business by my own state, but i can only imagine if suddenly every other state decided to audit me for sales tax remitted (and why WOULDNT they? it could only mean more money for them) for all orders shipped to their state. I could either pay their demands, or hire a tax lawyer for thousands of dollars and fly with them to each state for the audit. did i forget to mention i run my business out of my house and have no employees? but why would the states doing the auditing care?

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Just a view from outside....the majority of Americans are not right wing, like most countries the majority are somewhere in the middle politically....as long as the Republican party embraces the 'tea party' politics which are far to the right, they will not win the next election and yes there will be another Clinton in the White House...

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