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Jettblack - Black Gold due out August 19th

Captain Howdy

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Its a kind of mini album, featuring b-sides, cover songs and previously only available digitally bonus tracks.


Track Listings
1. Black Gold (feat. Damon Johnson) 2. Feel The Love (feat. Ian Paice) 3. Weapon 4. Fade Away 5. Let Me Put My Love Into You (AC/DC cover) 6. Red Horizon (acoustic) 7. Barracuda (Heart cover) 8. Name In Vain (Motorhead cover) 9. War Between Us (acoustic) 10. Not Even Love (acoustic) 11. Sunshine (acoustic) 12. Prison Of Love (acoustic) 13. Black Gold (album version)


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Be nice to have a physical copy of Weapon as that is a great song, and should not have been consigned to the digital only release of the last album, especially as the physical version had the horrible version of the title track with Udo murdering it. Fade away is a great song also, so its nice having that on here. The AC/DC cover I have on a give away CD that came with Metal hammer a few years back. JB always do a nice bunch of acoustic versions of their own songs, and I think I may end up making a whole album sized playlist with all the versions that they have done now (an acoustic album would be a nice stop gap at some point).
Gonna be hugely interested in hearing their version of Barracuda as well.

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I fucking love that song. This CD will go some way to making up from it being cut from the proper CD release of Raining Rock.

Much better to release a CD like this, that do what spinefarm did with the first Reckless Love CD, re-releasing the debut with a few bonus songs tacked on.

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