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Confess - Scream (from Jail)


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Sounds awesome. Can't wait till a full length CD is released.

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1 Pray For The Prey 0:33

2 Relationshit 2:59

3 Scream 4:20

4 Pay Before I Go 3:53

5 Take Aim 5:04

6 Bloodstained Highway 3:52

7 Setting Sails 3:57

8 Back To Hell 4:05

9 Got Lucky 4:47

10 Cardiac Arrest 4:05

11 Get Me Down 3:39

12 Intervention ( Sin & Tonic Pt.2) 7:53

13 What`S Love Got To Do With It 4:39

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This is entirely different to what I also thought was a pretty average EP. This sounds (and looks) awesome! Cannot wait for this one to drop.

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Wow, those samplse do sound really good!

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This is AWESOME!!!!


Wait until you all hear this monster of a disc!! Just think of CrashDiet, the first Crazy Lixx, and Hardcore Superstar. If you like those bands, you will be seriously kicked in the nuts by "JAIL".


Enters my Top 5 easily.

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