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"Mudslingers" (A Heavy Metal Horror Novella)

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Hey, gang, myself and Derric Miller (Managing Editor & P.R. guru over at Hardrock Haven) spent the last 6 months co-writing a 20,000 word novella called "Mudslingers," which is a heavy metal horror ride in the '80s splatterpunk tradition. It is now available on Amazon.com for the Kindle. It's already being endorsed by Ron Keel (who is actually narrating the audiobook version) and Steve Blaze (Lillian Axe). Rather than ramble on in my own words, here's the official synopsis:


It's heavy metal horror when two rock journalists go head to head in a no holds barred disagreement about Beelzebub's Ballsack, a lyrically violent but wildly popular band. A venomous flame-war of insults and threats ensues and caught in the middle is a sensual Brazilian beauty named Sarita. Sex, hate, and insanity entwine in a trinity of violence as mudslinging turns to madness. Secrets are ripped from the shadows, skeletons come out of the closets, and hell is unleashed in an orgy of bloodlust and butchery in front of 20,000 screaming fans.


This novella is a relentless rock 'n' roll rampage in the classic splatterpunk tradition.


If you're interested in checking it out (it's only $1.99, and free for Amazon Prime members), here's the link:






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