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Attacker - Giants of Canaan


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I haven't listened to anything by this band before (as far as I can remember) but liking what I've heard of this one so far. Some good reviews online, e.g. :










I've seen this described as Power Metal, but I think it's straight ahead Heavy Metal, in the Maiden and Priest vein. There have been a lot of new bands in this style lately, such as Enforcer, Katana, etc. I haven't been able to get into these bands, but the songs on this new Attacker album sound much better to me:




Any takers?

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Not bad but not really my cup of tea....of all the bands they list, the only one I used to listen to is Seven Witches and I wasn't a big fan...........


Yeah, having listened to some of these songs again I've gone off it a bit. I might just download 'The Glen of the Ghost', which sounds like a really good metal song to me.

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