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MAD MARGRITT - Show No Mercy (2013)


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For Atlanta hard rockers MAD MARGRITT their clockwork seems to have been hit by a lightning someday in 1989, as since the band formed almost two decades ago never changed their style inspired by the Sunset Strip glory days. Onto Mad Margritt's new CD "Show No Mercy" to be released next June 16, although the group still proudly waves the Hair Metal flag in 2013, this has a heavier feel and sound to it than their previous recordings.


In "Show No Mercy" the music stays true to its roots via catchy choruses and contagious melodies, but it's evident a more edgy approach with the addition of a heavier guitar sound. The background chants and over powering driving rock chords on some tracks almost gives them a Lynch Mob vibe, something never heard before.


Anyway, Mad Margritt's typical early Warrant / Skid Row melodious rockers are the essence here. There isn't a single weak musician in the band (they have a new drummer in Brandon Faulkner) but the guy who definitely makes it all come together is singer / guitarist Eddie Smith. Simply put, Eddie has an astounding voice, and it's difficult to imagine anyone more perfectly suited to sing this kind of music. His vocals sound remarkably similar to ex- Warrant Jani Lane with a little bit of Sebastian Bach mixed in, which makes for a truly dazzling display of vocal prowess.


Numbers such as the Slave-To-The-Grind-like "The Way Your Loving Me" and "Breaking Down" is where the band sounds harden, but traditional Margritt arrives with "I Can't Get Enough" and "Touch Too Much", both textbook Hair Metal songs with killer choruses.


"Too Little, Too Late" is an infectious moving rocker as is "Down In Flames". Catchy stuff indeed, with smooth strong backing vocals.


On the softer moments, "Only In My Dreams" is a midtempo with a groovy riff and a cadence recalling the aforementioned Lynch Mob, while "Ever Since You've Been Gone" is the power ballad in a straight '89 mould but with a bit more punch than the typical cheese-ball slow tune in this genre.


If you're a late '80s American hard rock fan, you'll love "Show No Mercy". Mad Margritt is more than just a bunch of guys trying to capitalize on nostalgia for nostalgia's sake; it's genuinely well-written music.


It's sleazy, catchy and sweet all at once, and it's good to see a Hair Metal rooted band actually exploring some new harder approach rather than being a one-trick pony.


Eddie Smith’s vocals remain sharp, and the guitar playing is standing tall on this new recording driving the slight direction change while still managing the melodic sound that will keep fans of the genre happy. Perhaps production isn't crisp as before, but surely this was done with the intention to help the hardness arise.


Only available on CD for the moment, "Show No Mercy" is a kickin' American Hard Rock / Hair Metal that would have been right at home in the music scene of the late '80s.



01 - The Way Your Loving Me

02 - I Can't Get Enough

03 - Ever Since You've Been Gone

04 - Touch Too Much

05 - Down In Flames

06 - Too Little, Too Late

07 - Indian Summer

08 - Only In My Dreams

09 - Breaking Down


Eddie Smith (vocals, guitar)

Carl Culpepper (guitar)

Skip Mullis (bass)

Brandon Faulkner (drums)









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A solid album indeed. Very 80s sounding, most of the songs here are above average although three songs that really stood out for me are 'I Can't Get Enough' - which is very AC/DC in style; the great power ballad, 'Ever Since You've Been Gone', and 'Too Little, Too Late'. After the good short instrumental track of 'Indian Summer', they went to play another ballad, 'Only In My Dreams' which is also a very nice song in my book, but judging from only 8 songs minus 'Indian', this is somewhat too short for an album, especially with the unnecessary filler, 'Breaking Down', which is clearly the weakest track. 'Down In Flames' has sensational riffs but song turns out not really great, perhaps in the 7.25 to 7.75 range. Overall, 'Show No Mercy' is a good album, lots are better so far, but they didn't disappoint !



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I like this band and I like this disc. It's a little flat production-wise, but it's pretty good musically. Stand-outs for me are 'Ever since you've been gone' and 'Too little, too late.' Good solid disc... perhaps not up to their usual standards, but good nevertheless.

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