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Need some band recommendations!


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Okay, so I am an avid visitor of melodicrock.com and I get a lot of info on bands from Andrew, but I am always in search of new bands/music (new to me, of course).


I love the melodic rock genre so much, and simply love music that has great production, great vocals/guitar, background vocals, great choruses etc etc...


Some of my favorites are:



Jeff Scott Soto



Work Of Art

TNT (My Religion is brilliant)



Brother Firetribe

Harem Scarem

Pink Cream 69


Sooo, any other recommendations for me?? Much apreesh...



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Bangalore Choir-On Target

Hardline- Double Eclipse

Unruly Child-s/t

H.e.a.t-Address The Nation

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You can try :


Alfonzetti (Here Comes The Night is his latest solo)

All I Know

Alyson Avenue


Bad Habit (Atmosphere is the latest and it's awesome)

Bai Bang (the last two albums are good)

Blanc Faces

Danger Danger (latest and probably last album, Revolve, is awesome)


Farcry (Pete Fry's band, also a member of this forum)

Grand Design (Def Leppard's clone)

Hess (latest solo is great)


Issa (chick singer, her vocal isn't for everyone though)



Lovex (modern band from Finland)

Miss Behaviour


Reckless Love

Sapphire Eyes

Shining Line

Shotgun Alley

Silence (the latest double album is also great)


Terra Nova

The Poodles (slightly heavier than most melodic rock, but they got plenty of awesome songs)


White Widdow

Wig Wam (but avoid their latest album, go for Wig Wamania)


Williams / Friestedt (westcoast)

Wild Rose


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and from 2013, you can try :


Airless - Changes

Diamond Dawn - Overdrive

Covered Call - Impact

Edge - Heaven Knows

Laneslide - Flying High

Paris - Only One Life

Stala & So - Play Another Round

Summers - 364


and there are several others but not as good as these

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For Big production,guitars,choruses,sound etc you may wanna check out...


Sleeze Beez-Screwed .Blued & Tattooed

Sleeze Beez-Powertool

Southgang-Tainted Angel



Hurricane-Slave To The Thrill

Icon-Right Between The Eyes

Bonfire-Point Blank

House Of Lords-Sahara

House Of Lords-Demons Down

Great King Rat-s/t

Dare-Blood From Stone

Blue Murder-Nothin' But Trouble

Giant-Last Of The Runaways

Giant-Time To Burn


Europe-Prisoners In Paradise

Cold Sweat-Break Out


Foreigner-Unusual Heat


to name but a few ;)

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Guys - I have been listening to a lot of these recommendations on youtube, and for the most part, I'm loving what I'm hearing!


Also, I just ordered Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall. Tony Harnell sings an EXCELLENT song called "Stronger". I hope the rest of the CD is as good...

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  • My Little Pony


Just started listening to their latest effort. Damn!

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