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    • Funny watching the usual morons coming into a thread and defending Fauci'....
    • At the end of the day people like Brand,Maher and Rogan are 3 useless liberals,in my view they shouldn't be patted on the back just because they occasionally engage in some random acts of common sense.
    • I picked this one up the other day through FnA,,gotta love that hard-driving riff in the first tune...
    • One of the biggest liberals in media, anyone else see where this is going?    
    • Maybe before the 90s yes. But, since then we have had regulations shoved down our throats to such an extent that we are a nanny state now. It started with WHS and spread everywhere. Now everyone feels like a hero if they can find something that may present the smallest risk, and they lobby and the media push until there is a new regulation legislated. Even before covid, you needed a safety vest as soon as you entered our country. Conformity is our national religion. Threaten this conformity and "safety" and expect the full weight of the State to come down on you. 
    • No need to apologize for being a guy, we need more of it, I promote it
    • Can honestly say Real Life are the only known one of any of those, I have heard a few of them from my mate Lance who hails from Hobart, and of course his greatness Roxas,
    • I don't know what the fuck is going on. Australia was the very last Country I would've expected to go down this Authoritarian road.
    • Y'all down under continue to be taking this shit to crazy levels... and from what I see in the vid, the police are full on board with it. After arrest she was fined $1300 for not providing information. Holy hell. This shit is stright out of Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. Get out while you still are allowed to leave the country... it may not be for long...  
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