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damn you to hell for scanning everyone's yearbooks to the web




OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! YOU KNOW CHIU YI?? Dude I didnt know you were a fan of High School tennis me to, do they have all the high school tennis standings on this website?? did you ever get to meet the famous CHIU YI??

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Hu the fuck is that?


Dude, you claim to be this ginormous high school tennis fan, and you even go out of your way to post discrete, and very rare and obscure High School Tennis Team Photos, which you obviously obtained illegally mind you, but you post them on here, then completely shutdown and deny any and all association to them? "Hu the fuck is that"? No sir, it is not Hu, it is Chiu Yi, I believe you are speaking about Chong Hu, very very good Mike, another innovator in the history of high school tennis, Yi & Hu played in doubles back in 83 and completely handed everyone their balls after the match was finished, nobody ever even came close to slamming them past the young Asian phenoms, they were well known for Jamming opponents using their top of the line Heads, even considered to be dirty by many players, the only problem was they weren't dirty, they were Filthy, slapping filthy Junk Balls all over and even slapping it Deep right into the Receiver, they were just as talented when they brought out the Singles Sticks, but faired far worse while playing against Straight Sets! sometimes they'd get so hot, they would lose their Head and it would lead to Racket Abuse, one time the boys were hit with Racket Abuse when they were seen taking it out on each others rackets trying to get inside the Service Box, it wasnt until they switched up and tried the Western Grip that they were finally able to Buggy Whip their balls hard enough to get top competition and find opponents who utilized Longer Sets, but they were at their best when they would just let it out and pull a Tweener, nobody Hot Dogged like Hu, and Chiu, well he perfected Stroking the Sweet Spot, and laying down that Two Ball Pass, which was extremely hard, when they had Mixed Doubles, which as you know was very new at the time, they both got off a Golden Set, and nailed down a Grand Slam, then finished their careers with Triple Crowns, I cant believe you really know these guys, i have to come right out and admit Mike, I.N.V.U..

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