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People With C Bands in the early 80s


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So I was going through a box of shit earlier, and I pull out a bunch of early 80s cband satellite guides, thumbing through them, I notice I believe it's 5 West, has all the porno channels on it, I have never heard of 1 of these channels but American XXXtasy, there is a channel called F.U.N., Tuxxxedo, TheHiLife, Blue Room, Fantasy Network, do any of you guys who might have had CBand in the early 80s remember any of these channels? cause guess what, there isnt so much as a word of any of them anywhere on the entire internet, I have found a couple stations discussed on satellite forums, but no bumpers, or station i.d.s or really even any information about them, that F.U.N. channel seemed to have original programming on it, i'd like to see the production value on those shows, just very interesting, curious as to if any of those channels went on to become any of the new power porn channels that are out there, like Ten, so any of you old C Banders let me know.

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My friend in high school had a big dish and we would turn it to American XXXtasy and the Playboy Channel sometimes. Here's a good thread with a lot of info on those porn channels:







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