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Michael Shepherd Band - II

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Luxembourgs only classic rock band...


'This Time Around', a pretty cool tune from the new album 'II' out March.






From ReverbNation:


"Hailing from a country better known for its banking industry than its classic rock talent comes the Michael Shepherd Band. Little need to present them as they have toured both the local circuit and the neighboring countries for the past 15 years.


Their first record, simply titled "MSB" was released in 2002. Among the mix of rockers, Ballads and heavier songs, it also contained their signature rocker "Pick Up The Pieces" as well as "Only the Blues", which was a local summer hit in 2003.


In 2013, they’re back with their second album, titled "II".


It marks the final change to a fully fledged classic rock band in the vein of Whitesnake, Journey or Bad Company! While their seventies influences of the likes of Free or Lynyrd Skynyrd echo in their sound, the songs range from stadium and radio anthems (without the hair) to raunchy rockers with the epic ballad thrown in for good measure, just like grunge never happened...


Released on iTunes on January 24th, 2013, the first single "This Time Around" sets the pace for an album that celebrates classic rock and a time when rock ruled the airwaves, "Rock Of Ages" was a song and not a musical, guitar solos were actually worth listening to and real vocalists such as Paul Rodgers or Steve Perry were setting the bar pretty high for the rest of us!


So, get ready for "II" the new album by MSB, released in March 2013 and join them on tour, starting April 12th at the Rockhal...


Long Live Rock And Roll!!!"

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Huge Whitesnake vibe on that 'This time around' song. Pretty good stuff. Not sure I'd get much out of a full CD from these guys, but I'd give it a go.

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