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ok lets try THIS - as I fucked up the last thread

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Here are some things that will help you in your search for this song or anything you are searching for on the internet. It is important to remember that not everyone has the same skill set or is on the same level when it comes to IT related issues, so please do not reply back biting my head off saying this is common sense or I already knew that, blah blah blah..


When doing a search on google you can put something in quotes and google will only show results that match what is in quotes exactely. For example, if you are searching for this song using the lyrics it would look like this: "don't surrender don't give in without" That only produces 2 reults, which are for this board. You can also do a search combining quotes such as: "don't surrender" "don't give in without" which produces 499 results. You can also use an exclusion trick by puting the minus sign in front of something: -poetry will exclude all results for poetry.

This type of search will look like this: "don't surrender" "don't give in without" -poetry It will search for the two exact phrases in quotes and exclude all results for poetry.


For purposes of this search you could try something like: "mercury" "band" "90's" -queen -freddie but you still get 16.8 million results, so keep adding quotes or exclusions to narrow it down.


If you really want to haul in the big guns, their is something called google hacking. It is a set of advanced google search operators that can be used to search the titles of web pages, as well as text or url. Some of the more powerfull operators are: intitle, allintitle, inurl, allinurl. If you do a search for google hacking operators, you will get thousands of results with examples on how to use them. These can be used to find anything you are looking for.


I hope that helps you guys out. In the late 90s I lived in the Detroit Metro area. In 1997 and 1998, WDRQ 93.1 had the Motor City Megamix on Saturday nights with DJ Marquis. It was some of the craziest mixing of freestyle and latin house music Ive ever heard. Of course I recorded as many of them as I could on cassette tape, I have about 40 tapes, all double sided. I figured some day I would buy a professional cassette deck and copy them to MP3. But now just using "" and - I have been able to find most of the songs on youtube or in forums like this. It also lead me to other songs by the same artist. Their are still a lot that alude me, including the songs on these La Toya Jackson specials, I still have yet to find one in the wild, only have found them by buying the DVDs on Amazon now. Anyways....Good Luck....

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