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Steven Adler's - Back From The Dead

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Was listening to this album today and jeez it's pretty good.
one of those times where you expect a rubbish album from someone who used to be in a name band.
So I was surprised at the time, and upon hearing it again afetr a while really rate it.
If you haven't heard it, it's well worth a listen.

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Any idea who is in his band now? He's playing a Minnesota festival in September so I wonder if he'll only be covering GNR songs.

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    • Weakest resonse I expected as your explanation to how we got here. Look in to some science. Start with black holes, of dark matter. Look at an overview of them, and if you read the right stuff you'll get a vague uneducated explanation of them (like I did) they kind of make some sort of sense. Then if you can be bothered look at the big bang theory and see if it starts to make some sort of sense. It's not a bunch of blokes around a file coming up with this stuff, and the BBT is widely accepted for some good reasons. Go back 200 years and tell someone that you know picture will travel from a camera device to a box in your lounge room and they would laugh at you. Look at how brainwaves work. Surely you agree that there are nerve cells that transport information, but can you explaing it? probably not (I can't) but that doesn't make it any less plausible. I mean, if you have a reason why the BBT is rubbish, other than your lack of understanding of it, then maybe your opinion would hold some merit.
    • Probably true, which in turn encourages illegal downloading. Interesting that the whole music industry screwed themselves by sooking rather than being proactive when Napster started. now they still haven't learnt and perpetuate the problem. In years to come it won't be such an issue as spotify etc have an endless library of songs and already its pretty cheap. I mean if I campare my family plan (AUD $3ea per month) to what I used to spend on physical CD's, it's no comparison. Also, I'm kind of over having to have the physical thing in my hand these days. Probably time to sell off my CD collection (for whatever it's worth these days)
    • Extensive listening to this album done. I love it. It's their best one yet. As I've said, I love the harder and heavier HEAT. The only song I don't like is Nothing To Say, but then I don't generally like ballads and have to be in s certain mood to like them, so I usually skip that one.  Apart from that, there's not a filler on here. My favourites are all of them. 
    • so you believe that from a pin prick of nothing there was an almighty explosion which created enough matter to create a universe which is billions of light years across and contains 100 billion galaxies.  nice. good for you. How about a massive 'we don't know' rather than this bollocks.  as for faith....believe what u want. Just don't hold your breath when you pop off. now getting back to reality I have a life to get on with. laters 
    • Hey Russ, wanna know how to curb this issue? tell them you introduced your nephew to heroin, wait a few days, then say you were just fucking with her, after that, weed won't even be kind of a big deal. Plus!   YOU SMOKE WEED? WTF, im telling
    • Hey G-Off, ya know that one dude Otis?
    • These "Monsters of Rock" cruises sound epic. What's the male to female ratio? 
    • Funny how it's usually beneficial to wait a few years before purchasing an album. 
    • I'll respond on behalf of Stefan: you're welcome. 
    • "Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs" (a legendary Aussie band) released a song in 1964 called "Mashed Potato". It was a cover, but still managed to reach top 10 nationally at the time. When it comes to songwriting, sometimes less is more.     
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