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Sundogs - Wild Season


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This has always been one of my most listened to releases, theres absolutely nothing spectacular about it, it's just a good well done evenly consistent hard rock album, here are 2 songs off of it, my fav 2, check them out and see what you think, I had already posted one of these songs, but I had done it together on the Motherlode thread, so here is it's own thread, let me know what you think of these guys, good or bad, as I know they are not melodic at all, but I still think they are an incredibly talented band, and the singer, you don't just come by a singer of this caliber anyday.


Sundogs - Veterans Song




Sundogs - Save My Soul



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Not bad, mate, but not sure this CD would stick out enough in my collection to warrant many spins, to be totally honest. Sounds pretty nice, though.

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yeah man, I put Darren Rogers in the same category as Terry Brock and singers of that ilk, he is truly a unique and talented singer

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