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Worst movie death scene ever! Really!


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What movie is that by the way, I need to own a copy of that!


Kareteci Kiz


It's a Turkish karate film from 1973.

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A girlfriend took me to the movie theater to see Meet Joe Black and I had to cover my mouth from laughing out loud when this death scene took me by surprise...and everyone in the theater



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This is the way to die! In a movie.

Hilarious stuff!


:rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2:




zomfg, did he actually really die? That looks way too real to be fake. I'm not sure we should be laughing about this guy's actual passing here. :(

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These are all awesome, but this is my favorite movie death ever:


First time my wife and I saw this, it actually made us jump out of our seats. Haha.


Then a couple of nights later we went to my in-laws' for dinner, and they told us "Bring a movie to watch later," so we grabbed this tape. So it's me, my wife, my mother and father in law, and my brother in law and his wife. None of them had ever seen (or heard of) the movie before. So when this scene was comin' up my wife and I are kinda smirking at each other like "here it comes, here it comes." When that bus whacked that chick, EVERYONE in the room freaked out, my wife and I start cracking up and my mother in law was like "What kind of movie IS this? What the hell is WRONG with you guys?" :rofl2:

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