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Addiction For Destruction - Neon Light Resurrection


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Debut album available from these sleaze rockers out of Moscow. Available over at Demon Doll records for $9.99.


Their debut video:








Not one of their stronger tracks according to the samples that I listened to over at Demon Doll website.

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Heard this and I don't mind it. It's not super, but it's not at all bad either. A crisper, fuller production would go a long way to giving them that slightly better edge. The foundation is definitely there for a good band who could hopefully release a great disc in a year or two:


1. My Resistance - solid hard rocker with a cool riff - 7.00

2. Rock’N Roll To You - another good rocker with a cool riff - 7.25

3. On My Needle - nice commercial rocker with some good guitar but odd lyrics - 7.50

4. Neon Light Resurrection - good sleaze hard rocker - 7.25

5. Nervous Breakdown - solid hard rocker - 7.25

6. Jane Is Insane - good hard rocker with a good hook - 7.50

7. Jaded Heart - pretty limp ballad - 6.00

8. Feelin’ Fine - good solid rocker wih a cool hook - 7.25

9. Can’t Wait - solid rocker - 7.00

10. (I Don’t Care) You’re Nothing - okay but not great ballad at all - 6.00




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