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Chris Antblad - A New Dawn


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I got this cd today and after one spin this is really good. Suprised there was no mention of it on the messageboard.

So anyone out there heard this disc? He sang on Spin Gallery's debut from 2004.


Review from melodic.net:


"I thought the Swedish label Atenzia was dead and buried, so it was a great surprise when I realized that CHRIS ANTBLAD (SPIN GALLERY, ANTBLAD/NYMAN) releases this new solo album on Atenzia. And for starters: don’t let the album cover fool you! It may look more like a country album or even some modern melodic rock piece that you’ve already seen too many of. NOPE! This is lightweight AOR with some lovely westcoast moves!


Also worth mentioning: this CD is light years better that the “demo album” that Chris released in 2011. So how does it sound? Well, anyone who likes KEVEN JORDAN, STAN MEISSNER and ALIEN should wake up right now. You get the usual smoothness in the vocals and harmony singing, because Antblad is a marvelous creator of vocals. “In Your Eyes” and “I’ll Find A Way” are perfect examples of the KEVEN JORDAN sound; AOR:ish and yet a little westcoast spiced in some ways. Those who have heard ROBERTSON BROTEHRS will love these songs. “Nothing Happened” even takes us into more straight-forward melodic rock/AOR, not far from STEFAN ANDERSSON or BRETT WALKER. There are also some JOURNEY hints here and there on this CD. TOTO fans need to lend an ear to “Too Far Away”, and it’s not that far from SURVIVOR either. Chris also manages to create a lovely mix of LITTLE RIVER BAND and WESTLIFE (!) in “Heartbreaker” – maybe not strange, since the Antblad catalogue has created some modern pop tunes picked up by other artists. Summing it up, we have a very nice CD here. Well produced, and the only remark I might shoot in would be a slightly dull drum sound at times. Not to worry about, though! This is a yummy album. Full of rich keyboards, some crispy guitars and top notch singing by Chris. A warm recommendation!"



Check out some songs below:














'A New Dawn' tracklist:


1. Love Was

2. Who Loves You Now

3. In Your Eyes

4. She's Waiting For Somebody To Love

5. Nothing Happened

6. She Makes Love With The Light On

7. I Still Remember

8. Heartbreaker

9. Maybe Someday

10. Too Far Away

11. I'll Find A Way

12. Love Came Along

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Been spoken about here a few times, mate, but probably not an "official" thread. Jez and Justin (Fahrenheit) spoke about it quite a bit. I actually picked it up pretty cheap from AOR Heaven the other day so should have it this week. It's a nice, pleasant AOR disc.

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Yeah..It's a good one and one that I play pretty regularly.I prefer it over 'Century', although that was a good album too. It's in the running in my top 20 this year for sure.

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Doods, I got a little jumbled here. I didn't realise he'd already released a 2nd CD. I'd only heard 'Century' but I "accidentally" bought the new one from AOR Heaven because it was cheap and I assumed it was 'Century.' But listening to this new one now, this sounds heaps better than the debut. What a scoop purchase that was! Should rate very well this year... real nice.

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