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Cool looking cd-r


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Do you prefer the convenience of a cd or do you love the look of vinyl? Here you got the best of both worlds. Sort of.

Some cool looking LPCD-R discs made to look like vinyl are manufactured in Sweden.


Some "experts" have this to say 'bout the discs:


- Regular cds manage 4 hours in direct UV light before being destroyed while these LPCD-R manage 200 hours.

- The sound is better on black layered LPCD-R than on silver pressed.

- 5 layers of black is more resistent to scratches than ordinary discs.


Believe it or not.











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Actual Black CDRs have been around a while - I had some Maxell ones (I think it was) years ago but I sent them off to various folks having put stuff to them...but the LP finish is cool, yum!

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These are cool. I have some official albums pressed up like these, which look really cool..the new Kiss 'Destroyer: Resurrected' being one.

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