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Vance Bockis (The Obsesed - The Factory) Dead


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I hadn't posted this up until this point at HH because I would guess that nobody knows of Vance. He was a guy I was casual friends with just from bands he played with around the Washington D.C. area. Though he never became well know I had always admired his work and he was a great guy. Just recently I had seen him make his triumphant return to our area stages.


It seemed that after many years Vance had everything going his way. That all ended just over two weeks ago when he died at his home in Virginia. In the last 2 years or so I have lost 3 musiciains that I knew personally. About 10 years ago I lost a friend who was in the band SR-71... it really hits home when this kind of thing happens. It is one thing when it happens to artists that you know just through the music.. but when you actually know of their struggles and know them as people also it really puts things in perspective.


Sorry about the long intro... Just thought this was a fairly interesting short movie about Vance told by himself.


If you look close at the end you may notice Ronnie Younkins from KIX who had been playing with Vances newly reformed band... The Factory.



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Thanks for sharing. A very interesting video indeed. I'm glad he was getting his life together and on the right path before his untimely passing. Its easy as fans of music to overlook the struggles musicians/performers have when we don't know their life behind the music. This video put things in perspective. My prayers are with his family(he mentioned his wife) and friends.


God Bless,



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