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GREAT WHITE - Save Your Love


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" I wake from a dream

and see you by my side

How could I belong to someone else,

when holdin' you feels so right?

And here in my heart

where no one else will ever be

We've made it so far,

so lock the door and throw away the key "


so anybody like this awesome song ?


the other day, i spun 'Once Bitten' after being shelved for a while and I realized how great those 80s bands create a song that's so emotional, haunting, chilling,whatever you call it, with a voice and guitar solo that can pierce every heart out there




modern bands just seem can't make this kinda song no more

and I also found out that Terry Ilous' rendition of this song is also incredible, he still has that pipes,

check out when they performed the song live at M3 couple months ago




and this is the most recent version of Jack Russell GW performing the same song



it seems that Jack sang a bit sloppy there and Ilous is much better, although you can't beat the original

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Killer tune... one of my faves from Great White.


As for modern bands being unable to write songs this emotive, sorry mate gotta disagree with that. Probably not anymore in the melodic rock / AOR field so much (though Mr Hess goes okay), but definitely in modern rock. Some of the most emotive tunes I've heard in my life come from modern rock, personally. I need look no further than my faves, Cauterize, with 'Porcelain' or 'Why this last dance.'

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