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Alice Cooper, Kansas & Skynyrd

66 mustang

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as many of you know, I'm still very passionate about my high school and esp the football team. So far this is what our band is playing for our half-time show. Schools Out, Carry On Wayward Son & Freebird. to be honest, they have a guitar player also but it kind of annoys me more than adds to the music.

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I think that any school band now days plays great classic rock from 30+ years ago its always a good thing. Well I guess if the band sounds like crap it might be bad. LOL :D But still to keep the music alive in any way is a very good thing. Both my boys grew up listening to my wife and I playing it constantly. So now that they are grown and have families and their own lives even though it may not be the primary music they listen to, they do listen and enjoy it. AND they pass that on to my Grand kids. Long Live Rock!! :headbanger:

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