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.38 Special - .38 Special (1977)

66 mustang

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The first .38 Special album we get is a pure southern rock album. With Donnie Van Zant on all vocals the band find themselves following in the footsteps of other southern rockers, including a huge leanig toward Lynyrd Skynyrd, which of course included Donnie's older brother, lead singer Ronnie Van Zant. Jacksonville Florida was to southern rock what Seattle was to grunge. with bands like Skynyrd, Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet and even The Allman Brothers were from just outside Jacksonville although they have been billed as being from Macon Geroria. Along comes "little brother" Donnie Van Zant and his band .38 Special. Ronnie did the band no favors except make them play the same hard road that Skynyrd took to fame. It is too bad that Ronnie didnt survive to see the band come into its' own.

This album is nothing like the band more famous output albums. they handn't found that mix of Arean Rock and Southern Rock.






.38 Special was covering the same material other southern bands had covered but doing in not quite as good as the other bands. My personal opinion is that I love this album. I love the "real" feel to it and how it gives a glimps into the band at a very early point. I really like every song on this album. Of course Donnie and Don Barnes was the 2 that formed the band. They were giving it "one last chance" Donnie had actually went to Ronnie, ready to give up on music and become a regular working still like most of us. He had a job offer from the rail road. after speaking to Ronnie and taking the advice he was given - "music's in your blood........." Donnie gavie it one last shot and made it count. 35 years after this album came out the band is still touring strong today and still making a living at doing what they love, making music.

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