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I'm publishing my fiction on Kindle

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Most of you know I do freelance rock/metal journalism for Hardrock Haven and Eonian Records, but most of you probably don't know I am also a fiction writer. Up until now, very little of it has been published, save for a few short stories and poetry here & there. Well, I have begun the process of publishing my fiction in e-Book format through Amazon.com's Kindle Direct Program, so if anyone here uses the Kindle and is interested in reading my stuff, I'm going to use this thread to provide links, descriptions, etc. For the record, this is being done with Dan's approval. Additionally, as sort of a promotion-slash-appreciation for Dan letting me do this, I am going to donate to the site half of the royalities I receive from any Heavy Harmonies member who downloads one of my stories (you will just have to tell me you did so; Amazon reports to me how many times my stories have been downloaded, but not by whom).


So without further ado, here's the link to the first story, which was published to Kindle earlier today:




It's a short story (about 24 pages) called "The Killing Question," about a down-on-his-luck private investigator named Jack Reece who is offered $1 million to track down the 400 lb. predator who raped her daughter...and $4 million to execute him. Jack's moral code won't let him turn vigilante, but when he comes face to face with pure evil, he is forced to question his beliefs and consider whether righteousness can sometimes come from the end of a gun. To kill or not to kill...that is the question.


One of my readers gave it this description: "It's like a Spenser For Hire story crossed with the Hostel movies." It only costs $0.99 cents and is chock full of sexuality, profanity, graphic violence, and disturbing themes. Everything a growing boy needs. :P


Thanks, everyone, and remember, if you do download the story, shoot me a PM so I know how much money to set aside for Dan to help out with the costs of running this awesome site. I'd also be interested in hearing feedback from anyone who chooses to read this story or the ones I plan to publish in the very near future. Thanks again, and we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Wow mate, that's awesome! Congrats. Great to see this happening for you.


For those interested, I can personally vouch for the above piece of work. Mark once read it to me as a bedtime story after we'd made lov- lunch. We made lunch for the next day's picnic- uh execution.


But whatever the case, it is very good, as is all Mark's work that I have had the pleasure of viewing. Check it out and be pleased. :)

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Just published another short story today and it is now available on the Kindle. Here's the link:




This one runs a breezy 11 pages and is called "An Honest Mistake," an action-horror tale of two Vatican-sponsored vampire slayers who make a crucial mistake during their latest assignment that could leave their souls in eternal jeopardy, and then concoct a diabolical scheme to cover up the error.


Sick of angsty, tweener, sparkling vampires? Ain't none o' dat shit here, yo! These vampires are vicious & bloody, the way vampires are supposed to be. Just like the last story I published, this one can be purchased for only $0.99 cents. It's got sarcasm, crude jokes, macho banter, profanity, bloody violence...in other words, this ain't for the kiddies!!


And remember, half the royalties are being donated to Heavy Harmonies; just shoot me a PM if you buy the story. :dance:

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