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Has anyone heard this disc? the S\T? its not to bad, if you have heard it, have you heard their other cd called III? whats that one like? cant really find any samples of it anywhere, is it better then the first one? let me know please.

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I only ever heard 'III' and I can't remember much about it other than pretty much from the moment I got it I wanted to get rid of it. I think musically they were a good solid hard rock band, but if memory serves correctly, the accent was ridiculous to the point where you honestly didn't know if they were English lyrics as I couldn't understand a thing.

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Maybe different Vox? cause the ST cd I got sounds like kind of a sleazy glam type hard rock singer, not really much of an accent at all(though in certain parts you can tell he's not an english first singer)maybe i'll send you a couple samples, I wish there was just a website you could put amples up in, anybody know any?

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