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Hit The Lights - 'Invicta'


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I've spoken up a storm on the forum this year about this CD but I'm still not sure anyone's actually checked this disc out. :lol: So here's a thread for an album which certainly deserves it's own thread. Album number 3 sees the kids grow up a bit and ditch the pop punk of their first two (great) albums as they offer up something a bit more atmospheric, displaying much stronger song writing.


If you love beefy drums, a killer rhythm section and an absolutely immaculate production job, this is the disc for you. The fact that it contains a handful of amazing songs doesn't hurt either. This is the track list:



01. Invincible

02. Gravity

03. Earthquake

04. So Guilty

05. Get To You

06. Float Through Me

07. Should’ve Known

08. All The Weight

09. Faster Now

10. Take Control

11. Oh My God


There are a few tracks that don't blow my mind - 'So guilty,' 'Get to you' and 'Oh my god' are all on the weaker side, but the rest is fantastic, with deadset winners like 'Gravity,' 'Earthquake,' 'Float through me,' 'Should've known,' 'Faster now' and 'Take control' which all remove pants from genitals and lick gently. Killer disc.







Float through me:



Take Control:



Should've known:


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Really enjoying these.......will definitely go get it! Thanks!

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Doods, I can't see confirmation on the net if lead singer Nick Thompson has actually left the band (the original lead singer joined the band on tour in late 2012, is one thing I do know), but another thing I do know is that in the last minutes of 2013, I heard a delightful little EP which warmed my testicles. Check this one out if you liked Hit The Lights... and even if you didn't check this out. Much more uptempo than 'Invicta' and ridiculously HUGE hooks on ann choruses here. Really love this EP:




1. My Heavy
2. Follow You
3. Weight With You
4. Fragile Eyes
5. The First Place
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