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Ted Nugent & Ace Frehley


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Saw them both Friday night. :git: The last concert I was at was Lynyrd Skynyrd about 10 years ago. :yikes: STOP LAUGHING!! LOL I rarely have the extra bucks to go to a concert and its just as rare to have anyone like the music I do. Or at least enough to go to a concert. Anyway my son bought me the ticket as a Fathers day gift. :tumbsup:


I saw Kiss back in 75, I think. My partying days. I wasnt married and really was a stoner. But Friday night Ace proved he still has what it takes. For years now he has been clean and sober, it shows. He is a helluva guitarist. And his band was great. They all did solo vocals and werent half bad. Ace played some of his solo work and a lot of Old Kiss classics. All in all a great show. If any one asks I would recommend seeing him.


The Nuge! :headbanger: A lot of people dont like him, mostly because of his mouth and his politics and he is a hunter. None of that bothers me because I agree with him on all of it. Made the show that much more enjoyable for me. But I thought Ace and his band was loud... I had to put my ear plugs in. the Nuge WAS loud!! :party421: But I loved it!! Every moment of it. I have all his solo Cds and some of his Amboy Dukes. And you just cant compair a live show to the CDs. There is just so much more to hearing it live. Ive always believed he is one of the best guitarists ever. the songs just sound so much better live. He kicked ass on classic after classic. And many were songs they rarely if ever play on the lamestream radio stations. Saw Derek St Holmes, "Wild" Mick Brown & Greg Smith were all walking around before the show and were really friendly. And even got to see Teds smoking hot wife dance on stage!! :tits: . Only one complaint with the show, the damn lights. Holy shit the bright flashing lights gave me a damn headache. LOL And only one dissipointment, the crowd. I dont know if it was because he has been to Jackson and the Michigan area so many times before or what. But I bet at the most there was only 300-400. At the most. No matter, I Loved the show. Im glad I can finally saw I saw the Nuge. And being we are both from Michigan cant believe I had never seen him sooner. :D

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