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Julian Angel & Beautiful Beast are back...


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Well yank my doodle its a dandy! If my bestest pal in the whole f'ing world is not back with a freaking vengeance with another up comming killer hard rock/glam rock album and shit would you just look at that cover and not want to have this disc song unseen? I can't wait!!!!



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Julian Angel’s Beautiful Beast ’California Suntan’ - out this Summer

Artist: Julian Angel’s Beautiful Beast

Title: California Suntan

Genre: Hair Metal, Hard Rock

Label: Platinum Blonde / G.T.O. Entertainment

Producer: Julian Angel

Website: www.beautifulbeastrock.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/beautifulbeastrock



It’s still 1989 - for the second year in a row now



“With the release of ‘California Suntan’ I give true evidence about how hard I am stuck in the late 1980s, musically – well, fashion-wise too” says Julian Angel, singer and guitarist and mastermind of Hair Metal act Beautiful Beast.

After the huge success of last year’s predecessor ‘Adult Oriented Candy’ (CD Baby’s best selling Hair Metal and 80s Rock record for 10 weeks in a row) Angel has hit the studio again to record an album full of his trademark Hard Rock spiced up with Hair Metal, AOR, Glam and Sleaze elements.

The thong-clad butt on the cover of ‘California Suntan’ lets you perfectly imagine the catchy good-time rock direction the album is heading for – and Beautiful Beast delivers once again with catchy hooklines, huge choirs and virtuous guitar work, elements the 1980s have so well been known for.

Just like the band’s 2011 ‘debut’ album ‘Adult Oriented Candy’ the new ‘California Suntan’ will feature uptempo rockers, groove things, melodic AOR pieces, power ballads and lots of cliches – but while some might satirize it, Julian Angel is darn serious about it: “I really mean it. That makes me an easy target, but you wouldn’t want to feel my pointed cowboy boots up your behind” says the self-proclaimed poser with a smile, ready to defend the Hair genre against all adversities.

‘California Suntan’ is scheduled for a July/August 2012 release.

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I enjoyed the debut quite a bit and will definitely look forward to this. And, so, uh, best cover in history.

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