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Any other Sleazy Glam Guitarists in here? Let's hear you scream&#3

Guest engravingtherock

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Guest engravingtherock

Checking in from the greater Los Angeles area! Back home to where it all began!


I've been playing guitar for 20 years, and have lived on a steady diet of Guitar Heroes from the 80's L.A. Metal Scene... I also make custom arrangements of classic "Hair Metal" albums, for guitarists who want to relive some of the best melodic and rocking music that was ever created.


I've been looking to meet more like minded individuals, who share a passion for the Glam Metal scene that I have loved since I was a kid. I know there are tons of us out there, but I am more looking to meet other Guitarists who share a love for it!


Motley Crue is the band that got me interested in playing guitar in the first place, and I love anything that remotely sounds in their style of writing. I've come to love other lesser known bands that should have been way bigger than they were, and am still discovering new stuff (to me) 20 years later!


I do like more technical stuff too, but am not a fan of the Heavier/Meaner side of Metal... And Neo-Classical just bores the shit out of me... sorry Yngwie fans... It just isn't my thing.


Any cool covers you have done on YouTube? I'd like to see them!


Rock Out!



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