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Some problems with a UK eBay buyer

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I have just blocked another buyer on eBay, the ID is “gaskutz”; thought I’d share the details.


She won 2 CDs and replied to the invoice 6 days after the auctions ended, saying she was overseas and asking to pay in around 3 weeks’ time unless I needed payment sooner. I replied straight away, saying I needed payment sooner, but she didn’t reply. I sent further messages, she eventually replied and agreed to pay by a certain date (26 days after the end of the auctions) on the understanding that I would open a case if she didn’t. She missed the deadline, so I opened the case and she paid 3 days later.


She sent me a message asking me not to post the CDs until hearing from her. 6 weeks later, she asks if I received her message 2 weeks ago asking me to post the CDs. I replied that no I hadn’t, should I go ahead and send. She replies yes AND opens an unreceived item dispute! Unbelievable! I sent the items, hopefully she will close the case soon...


I know Gibbo has had similar problems with her and will let him share his experiences. I am also considering complaining to eBay about her, although I’m not sure if there’s any scope to do so.

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That is one lucky guy!
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Yup, she's another star in the eBay universe ...


She won two of my CDs, contacted me after the auction had ended and gave me the same story ... she asked if she could pay by the middle of June, to which I replied that I wasn't really keen on the idea of waiting nearly a month for payment ... after sending a few e-mails her way, I got a reply to say that everything would be sorted by the 20th June ... I'm not holding my breath.


I'm not a Business Seller, I'm just trying to raise some extra cash selling the CDs that I don't listen to anymore, and the amount of money involved is very small ... but this lady is just taking the piss. When I suggested that, given she obviously has access to a PC wherever she is, she might like to pay for the CDs as a gesture of goodwill - and then I would happily post them whenever was most convenient for her - the silence was deafening.


What infuriates me is that people like this can do what they like, and nothing can be done about it ...

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Yep, no comeback for buyers at all. And as you say, we're not businesses, just private collectors selling a few personal items to feed our CD habit.


I just don't get why someone would bid on something knowing they would be "unable" to pay for it for a month.

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BTW, she still hasn't closed the case, so I still have a negative balance on my PayPal account and can't use it (unless I want to pay out additional money for her dishonest claim - it would be temporary, but I still begrudge the inconvenience). She has to be one of the most inconsiderate people I've ever come across!


Wish there was some way to make a complaint about her to eBay. I've blocked her, but that's hardly going to have any effect on her thoughtless behaviour.

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