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*ADDED* J-Train - S/T

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Item condition:Very Good

Ended:Jun 16, 201210:30:30 PDT

Winning bid:

US $97.00[ 15 bids ]

Item location:Otzberg, Germany


Item number: 190689232442

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Just love this album....and, I have a demo from before the guitarist went on to J-Train, called Gypsy "No Pity City" which is damn good as well...and has one of the same tracks on the J-Train release. Just very good stuff here....

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I think they spell it Gypsie though. You are right though, very good stuff! The song you are talking about is Whiskey Road. I actually like the version by Gypsie better, especially the intro.

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Yes, it is Gypsie......I owned the demo a long time ago, and sold it. The whole album is actually very good!

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