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Rubicon Cross - new single


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Cool tune. So what's the go? Are Firehouse done now and this is where we hear CJ Snare from now on? Good band, but I'd be disappointed if Firehouse just disappear like that...

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They (Firehouse) are playing with Trixter and Warrant June 9 in Fargo. Not sure if this is a full summer tour package but I personally doubt Rubicon Cross will take precedence over Firehouse.

I was at the show. Man, Trixter blew the other bands off the stage!!!! Not that Warrant and Firehouse were bad. They weren't. Not at all. But Trixter was having sooooooooo much fun on stage. They were killer. I've watched TONS of shows over the years, and I was at the first Cherry Pie Tour in '91. If you don't have the new Trixter, you need it. Also Rockaholic. Warrant was great. Firehouse too. But the night belonged to Trixter, IMO.
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